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men s Olympic Games 2004 - Press Conference

Press conference

Poland beat Argentina 3-2 (25-19, 25-22, 23-25, 22-25, 20-18) - duration 2:19
23-Aug, start time: 16:00, end time: 18:19 - Attendance: 6'295
City: Athens; Hall : Peace and Friendship Stadium
Marcos MILINKOVIC (ARG) - captain

"I would like to congratulate the team of Poland. My team played 100 percent in every set. We had a good Argentinean selection. The team of Poland played better in the first two sets. They were better than us today and they won."

Dawid MUREK (POL) - wing spiker

"We played an excellent match. It was an extremely important match for us because it allows us to continue in the next phase of this tournament. We managed to show everyone that we know how to play Volleyball."

On why they started loosing sets when their key player was out due to an injury:

"Well, this is not really the case. Sebastian SWIDERSKI is, indeed, our key player but he is a part of this team. Volleyball is a team sport, not an individual one. We continued trying our best."

Alberto Fabian ARMOA (ARG) - head coach

"Today's match was more favourable to the team of Poland, and this is because our team was facing some problems with our attack. We have reached the next phase before the team of Poland, even if we lost this match."

Stanislaw GOSCINIAK (POL) - head coach

"I am very pleased today. This win allows us to advance to the quarterfinals. Despite the fact that we lost two sets and Sebastian SWIDERSKI's injury, we managed to continue in the next phase."

On why they changed their winning combination in the third set:

"Well, we have to realise that this is a long event. When we were leading the set, we realised that we needed three attackers in the field of play and that is why we made the change. It did not work though."

On whether they had won the match 3-0 would provide them with a less dangerous opponent:

"I did not say anything to my team about it because it would break their concentration. We are happy to have played against such an excellent team of Argentina. For us, winning this match was important. Even if we had this consideration, it was something that we were not discussing."

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