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men s Olympic Games 2004 - Press Conference

Press conference

Netherlands beat Australia 3-0 (25-22, 25-17, 25-16) - duration 1:10
23-Aug, start time: 14:00, end time: 15:10 - Attendance: 4'120
City: Athens; Hall : Peace and Friendship Stadium
Daniel HOWARD (NED) - captain

"It was a difficult match for us. We are very disappointed because we do not go through to the next phase anyway, either we had won today or not; we knew that. Nevertheless, we wanted to finish our last match with a win, even if we do not qualify. We did everything we could."

Reinder NUMMERDOR (AUS) - captain

"Today's match was disappointing for us. We shall take everything we can from this experience. We are a young team who has tried hard. "

Bert GOEDKOOP (NED) - head coach

"This was not an important match for us, but it was quite difficult. We should be proud of our performance."

Jon URIARTE (AUS) - head coach

"We had different plans for these Olympic Games. We wanted, and had planned to stay here longer. We tried very hard to create a good team. We are disappointed."

Richard SCHUIL (NED) - Universal

"We had greater expectations from the Olympic Games 2004. We made a good start but then we lost the match against USA. It was the key match for us, we lost it and we paid for it. I do not think that the eight teams, which will go to the quarterfinals are the best of the competition. Our team is better than Greece, Poland and Argentina. We had a more difficult pool than them. This was my last match in the national team in Olympic Games. I am very disappointed; very unhappy."

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