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men s Olympic Games 2004 - Press Conference

Press conference

U.S.A. beat Netherlands 3-0 (26-24, 25-20, 25-18) - duration 1:21
17-Aug, start time: 16:00, end time: 17:21 - Attendance: 3'000
City: Athens; Hall : Peace and Friendship Stadium
Reinder NUMMERDOR (NED) - captain
"Congratulations to the USA team. They played a good match today. We started off well but we lost many opportunities. The difference between the two teams was that USA had good pressure serves. We kept on fighting. Their serves were very good, and we kept on losing opportunities."

Lloy BALL (USA) - captain
"It has been quite a while since we last experienced a win. The Netherlands are a great team; classic. We are very happy about this win. This was a lot tougher match for us. Our blocks and defence were quite good, and we got a lot of confidence from that."

On their pressure serves:
"We played a serving-passing game. If a team wins the serve, they win the match. We did a great job with our serves. We played hard; it came to our favour and we finally won."

On how they feel about this win, after many losses:
"It's only one win. We have a long way to go and many good teams to compete with. I believe that we are in the hardest pool in the Olympic Games. If we make it, we are going to be very satisfied. There are more battles to be fought."

Bert GOEDKOOP (NED) - head coach
"It was a very good match. I believe that we lost the match because of our bad serves."

Doug BEAL (USA) - head coach
"The Netherlands is a great team and they did a great job today. We have a lot of respect for them. We are now getting prepared for our next matches. This was a nice afternoon for us."
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