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men s Olympic Games 2004 - Press Conference

Press conference

Serbia and Montenegro beat France 3-0 (25-21, 30-28, 25-22) - duration 1:30
17-Aug, start time: 11:25, end time: 12:55 - Attendance: 1'000
City: Athens; Hall : Peace and Friendship Stadium
Dominique DAQUIN (FRA) - captain
"Congratulations to the Serbia & Montenegro team. It was a good match. I feel we were better in this match than last time."

Nikola GRBIC (SCG) - captain
"I am very satisfied with our victory. We had a good result. The sets decided the winner of this match. We played after a very heavy loss against Poland. France proved to be a very difficult opponent. I hope we improve our weak points and continue winning."

Philippe BLAIN (FRA) - head coach
"We were technically under our level. We should have played to 100 per cent of our capability in order to win against such a good team as Serbia & Montenegro. Our level of play is not as good as Serbia & Montenegro's."

Ljubomir TRAVICA (SCG) - head coach
"I think today's match was a very good one. France proved to be a very difficult opponent. The first set was very good. It was a difficult match. Our good defence proved to be a good asset for us, and difficult to handle for the French team."
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