SRB / Serbia - Team Composition

Team manager TODOROVIC Dragan
Head coach GRSIC Milan
Assistant coach STOJKOVIC Dejan
Therapist / trainer FERENC Karolj
Journalist GRCIC Sanja
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  1 Mina Popovic Popovic 16.09.1994 187 73 315 305 FENERBAHÇE
  2   Nada Mitrovic Mitrovic 22.10.1994 183 66 287 264 TENT Obrenovac (SRB)
  3 Jelena Lazic Lazic 08.03.1995 175 68 275 265 Vizura Beograd (SRB)
  4   Katarina Canak Canak 18.08.1995 187 70 297 285 CRVENA ZVEZDA Beograd (SRB)
  5 Mina Tomic Tomic 13.05.1994 188 77 300 294 Crvena Zvezda Beograd (SRB)
  6   Maja Simic Simic 18.04.1995 182 64 278 260 CRVENA ZVEZDA Beograd (SRB)
  7 Nevena Dzamic Dzamic 23.09.1994 178 70 290 280 Klek Klek (SRB)
  8   Milica Kubura Kubura 20.03.1995 192 77 297 280 CRVENA ZVEZDA Beograd (SRB)
  9 Katarina Simic Simic 14.02.1994 184 64 275 270 Crvena Zvezda Beograd (SRB)
  10   Natasa Cikiriz Cikiriz 26.06.1995 193 73 299 289 VIZURA Wall Art Beograd (SRB)
  11 Nikolina Lukic Lukic 18.08.1994 183 72 285 280 CRVENA ZVEZDA Beograd (SRB)
  C 12   Bianka Busa Busa 25.07.1994 187 74 312 298 Fenerbahce Istanbul (TUR)
  13 Sladjana Mirkovic Mirkovic 07.10.1995 185 78 293 283 Eczacibasi Istanbul (TUR)
  14   Emilija Zakic Zakic 10.08.1994 180 72 290 275 Crvena Zvezda Beograd (SRB)
  15 Katarina Raicevic Raicevic 25.07.1994 184 62 280 270 Crvena Zvezda Beograd (SRB)
  16   Sara Sakradzija Sakradzija 25.03.1994 182 65 280 272 Vojvodina Novi Sad (SRB)
  17 Anka Maria Gonsales Tomasevic Gonsales Tomasevic 28.03.1995 191 76 298 290 Crvena Zvezda Beograd (SRB)
  L 18   Aleksandra Stepanovic Stepanovic 01.02.1994 170 67 248 240 VIZURA Wall Art Beograd (SRB)
  19 Aida Dedeic Dedeic 09.01.1995 182 76 297 290 Tutin Tutin (SRB)
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

Previous generations of the Serbia girls’s youth team have had relative success on the international stage, winning silver at the 2009 CEV European Championship and the 2009 FIVB Volleyball Girls’ Youth World Championship. 

However, a new generation of players made their international debut by winning the gold medal at the 2010 Balkan Championship as well as the Qualification Tournament and the bronze medal at the IX CEV European Championship in 2011 in Turkey so they have made their intent clear.

The country has participated in the World Championships three times firstly finishing eighth under the title of Serbia and Montenegro in Poland 2003 before finishing fourth in Mexico 2007 and silver in Nakhon Ratchasima 2009.

Coach profile

Milan Gršić became coach of the Serbian girls’ youth team following Marijana Boričić resignation for family matters.

As the Assistant Coach to Boricic, Milan Grsic won numerous medals. He began back in 2008 with silver at the Balkan Championship in Greece. The duo continued to win medals in 2009, as they led the team at the European and World Championships. The 2009 European Championship in Rotterdam presented the biggest challenge for these promising young coaches. They did well and walked away with silver, which automatically gave them a berth for the World Championships. Prior to the greatest event, the girls went to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to clinch gold at the Balkan Championship.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, at the World Championship, the duo showed to the world their fabulous coaching skills. They presented themselves as young and very promising coaching experts and guided their team to runners-up.

Gršić and Boričić then selected a new generation of players (born in 1994 and younger). The new players started their career with the team by winning gold at the Balkan Championship in Bar, Montengero in 2010. In April 2011 the same group of players won bronze at the European Championship in Turkey. This was the last joint venture for these two coaches.

Gršić has nothing but kind words when talking about the cooperation with Boricic. Great communication, a high level of understanding, and respect were the main features of their relationship.

However Gršić will face the new challenges without any fear as he bravely grasp his new role ahead of the World Championship in Ankara, Turkey.

Milan Gršić made his first steps in one of the greatest volleyball centers in Serbia at VC “Crvena Zvezda” in Belgrade. But, there is great pressure of being at the top. This winning combination is the recipe for success, as Gršić pointed out. He won numerous national championships with the younger categories at the club and this earnt him a call up to the national staff.

Beside the practical experience on and off the court Milan Gršić has a Diploma from the Higher Coaching Academy in Belgrade.