Sunday, 24 January 2021
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India’s coach satisfied with improvement

Blocking of India was effective against Italy

Filippo Lanza, Captain of Italy: “This was a long match for us, I mean that we went on having problems during the entire match and that is why it was psychologically tiring. India played really well today. We started playing a good game during the first set, then we had to cope with some problems and we finished the game in a bad way.”
T.D. Ravikumar, Captain of India: “We played well today and the Italian team also played well.”

Mario Barbiero, Coach of Italy: “I did not like most of this match, we could have played better. We made many mistakes even in simple moments of the match where we could have done better. As regards to this World Championship, I am satisfied with my guys. They got better and better during the summer. They still have to work and they will become talented players. As you probably realize, we have many problems in focusing that is why my guys really need this high-level competitions during the entire year in order to improve and to learn how to face this kind of matches.”

G.E. Sridharan, Coach of India: “This match was fantastic for us, and it was very important. Every match is important but that was fundamental as it was a final. We came here to win a medal but unfortunately Argentina stopped us. Today we played better and we managed to win. I would like to thank the International Federation and the Italian Volleyball Federation for their commitment during this World Championship. We finished in the seventh position, while the last edition we finished eighth, we improved one position and that is important for us. I would like to thank my guys and I am sure they will be fundamental in the future of Indian volleyball. I hope we will have the opportunity of coming back to Italy in order to play more matches in this country”.


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