Saturday, 16 January 2021
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A matter of concentration

Timeout with Coach Percy Oncken (BRA)
Otavio Henrique, Captain of Brazil: "We play not very good in the first set but we play better in the others sets because we made less mistakes".
Percy Onken, Coach of Brazil: "In the first set we made too much mistakes and in volleyball they are like suicide. This match was very important for the range, in fact tomorrow we are going to play the final against USA".
Olivier Ragondet, Captain of France: "In the first set Brasil made more mistakes than us and we have a better service and a better receive but in the end we lost our concentration and we lost the match".
Yves Logeais, Coach of France: "We had had too many problems to react when we were in difficult and  also with the group that isn't able to take decisions together. They play an individual match  and so we have lost. Tomorrow we are not going to play the final because the final was today and we weren't able to react, tomorrow is only a range".

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