Sunday, 24 January 2021
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India goes home with seventh place

India's setter Singh Ranjit scored with five blocks

Omveer broke the tie with his third spiked sending India to an 8-7 lead. Fedrizzi and Vettori had three and two points for Italy leading to the first technical time-out. The Italian pair carried their side to a 16-13 advantage at the second stop. India tied at 22-all relying on three attacks by Jhon and went in front when Vettori’s spike was out of bounds. Mazzone tied and then Italy committed a fault for 24-23 in favor of India. Italy evened up via Preti. Ravikumar and Vettori traded spikes. Ravikumar scored again and Preti answered with block and ace for 27-26 and Italy won 28-26 after Omveer hit one out.

India took the lead 8-6 in the second set behind the consistent offense of Jhon. The Indian team maintained the difference for a while but Italy reached the second stop in front 16-15. The offense of Jhon, Ravikumar and Omverr was a key in the decision of the second set as they scored repeatedly leading his side with 6 points apiece. India won 25-23.

India led 8-5 in the third set. Italy closed the distance to 12-11 after ace by Vettori and block from Mazzone. Vettori’s serve was out but Fedrizzi scored from left side. Jhon gave back India the three-point lead with a couple of hard hits. India arrived to the second stop leading 16-12. Italy cut the distance to 21-20 after spikes of Fedrizzi and Vettori and block provided by Mazzone. Navjit killed and Jhon scored with a tip for India’s lead 23-20. India won 25-21.

Omveer’s spike gave India the 8-7 lead in the fourth set. The difference expanded to 16-10 at the second technical time-out thanks to the effective blocking with setter Ranjit scoring twice and increasing his total to 5 for the match. The match finished with Jhon scoring with spike and Navjit blocking for the win 25-16.


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