Saturday, 16 January 2021
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Iran advances to gold medal match against Serbia

Iranians enjoy their ticket to the final match

Iran was in front 8-4 in the first set with Mirzajanpour scoring twice with spikes and Sole also recording a couple of points for Argentina. One rocket by Ghafour improved the Iranian advantage to 10-4. Mirzajanpour sent his team to a 16-10 advantage at the second pause. Argentina closed in with spike by Castellani and ace by Ramos but Faezi scored twice for a 20-15 Iran advantage. Ghafour blocked and Salazfoon served one ace. Iran won the first set 25-18.

The pair of Mirzajanpour and Ghafour gave Iran the advantage 8-6 in the second set. With Iran in front 15-12, Ramos scored twice after a spike by Vacas and Iran recovered the lead 16-15 with an attack of Fayazi. Ribone tied at 16-all. Ghafour and Mirzajanpour provided the two-point difference in favor of Iran 21-19. Vaca scored to cut the lead and Ribone blocked for a tie score at 22-all. Mirzajanpour and Fayazi scored for Iran, Castellani did it for Argentina and again Fayazi landed a spike for the 25-23 Iran win.

Blocks by Ghafour and Mirzajanpour gave Iran a 3-1 lead. Sole scored for Argentina and Mirzajanpour answered back. Ghafour scored again with a block and Sole landed another. Castellani put his team within one point but then Ghafour responded from the other side. Iran arrived to the first stop leading 8-5. Iran kept the three-point advantage 12-9 with the fifth block of Ghafour. The block by Sole reduced the difference to two points. Ribone scored and Iran was leading only 14-13 and Sole tied with a spike. Iran arrived to the second technical stop 16-14 via block of Mirzajanpour. Sole blocked and Argentina tied on Iran error. Tied at 17-all, Ghafour landed a bomb but Ramos replied back. Fayazi connected and also Ribone. At 20-all Ghafour produced twice. Iran improved to 23-20 but Sole scored and Vaca blocked for 23-22. Iran won 25-22 with block by Bagherpour.




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