Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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Indian Revenge for the last duel in 2007

Two years ago, India and Poland had faced at the World Championship in Mexico in the classification match of the round 5 to 8. At that time Poland was victorious in four sets and at last ended up fifth. So there was still an open account. But after the first sentence in the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo, it seemed as if Poland can once again go as the winner from the field. After only 19 minutes playing time, players of coach Grzegorz Rys had won the opening set with 25-11. They benefited from ten attack points and eleven points caused by the Indian players.

But with the start of the second set, the Indians were better adapted to the opponent. After 25-17 (28 minutes) and 25-16 (25 minutes) they were with two sets won in the lead. Had a crucial role in this phase the Indian Captain T.D. Ravikumar, who played outstanding in receiving and attacking and had taken it by then already on 25 points. Poland coach Grzegorz Rys must have tested all twelve players, while India could trust his starting six.

However revealed the weaknesses in the fourth round and lacked the superiority of the two previous sets won. Poland to arrive at 25-18 with a clear set of compensation. This meant, as in the opening game of Group B in Jesolo a fifth set must bring the decision.
After four successful attacks India had a 4-1 lead. Only then, the polish block was again safe and could catch up to 4-5. From 8-7 at the last changeover Poland was able to make up four points by blocking. India was off, however, and went through a service-winner of Ranjit Singh in the lead again (11-10). As middleblocker Hain Piotr (Poland) failed with an attack (13-11), the decision seemed to be like them. India's two errors allowed Poland to compensate for 13-13. A block of India's middleblocker Navjit Singh against Milosz Hebda (POL) and a strong attack from Gurjant Singh, who could not be stopped by the Polish block, were responsible for the 15-13 for India. After 110 minutes of play while Poland had the better ball ratio (105:102), but India, the points for the victory.

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