Wednesday, 20 January 2021
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India wins five-set thriller

Indian Thennarasan celebrating a point
Against Russia, the Brazilian players on the opening day had not even won a set. Against India, the South Americans would then show the better side. At the World Championship two years ago in Mexico, the selection of the South American played two times against India (won 3-1 and 3-0) and demonstrated at the end of seventh place ahead of India.

In the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo, the team of coach Percy Oncken after 22 minutes of playing the first set win (25-19) was able to celebrate. The decisive factor in the first set were the major successes in the attack. Brazil reached 15 points, three less India.

In the second set Brazil was close to a another set profit. From a 17-20, they took a 22-21 lead. But India, on the first match victory (3-2) against Poland, did not give up, and took advantage of two errors at the end of the Brazilians: First, an attack by Marcelo behind the baseline (24-23) ends, then one of Ary (25-23).

In set three specific then again the Brazilian boys dominated. 18 points by attacking attacks are a clear statement that India was exactly in half. Too little to prevent the 25-20 and the 2-1 lead for the Brazilian.

After a 8-3 lead in the fourth set it looked as if Brazil can quickly finish the match. But India took on the 11-10 and 23:22, before Brazil reached the first match point at 24-23. However, Mann Omveer failed, India got the first set point with a block against Hamacher (BRA) and thanks to a netcontact of a Brazilian player the set was ended by 26-24 for India.

The tiebreak was then a thrilling set. India set to go 1-0, with Brazil leading 6-4, then it was 8-6 for India. These leaders built the team of coach Sridharan out to 14-10. Two match points could still fend off Brazil (14-12), then a service of Eykman landed in the net and India had won the fifth set (15-12).

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