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FIVB World Championships 2006 / France - Men

2006 Men's World Championship / Third Round
Le Cannet, France
28-30 July 2005

Timeout, czech team

Timeout, netherlands team

Presentation of french team

French player celebrating after their victory against Finland

Guillaume Samica, Jean-Charles Monneraye and Gabriel Zobo Lebay (FRA) celebrating after their victory against Finland

Libero Allan Van de Loo (NED) at reception

Netherlands coach Harry Brokking

Kay van Dijk (NED) blocking Martin Lebl's (CZE) attack

Kay van Dijk (NED) attacking

Jiri Novak (CZE) attacking

Jiri Novak (CZE) attacking

Jiri Novak (CZE) attacking

Jakub Novotny (CZE) attacking, Marko Klok at block

Tuomas Sammelvo (FIN) attacking, Ludovic Castard (FRA) at block

Tuomas Sammelvo (FIN) attacking, Stéphane Antiga, Oliver Kieffer and Ludovic Castard (FRA) at block

French coach Philippe Blain

Guillaume Samica (FRA) at attack

Finnish team celebrating

Guillaume Samica (FRA) at attack

Finnish coach Mauro Berruto

Finnish coach Mauro Berruto and Tuomas Tihinen

Czech coach Laurent Tillie with players

Presentation of finnish team

Netherlands' coach Harry Brokking

Matti Hietanen (FIN) passing

Dirk-Jan van Dijk (NED) serving

Mikko Esko (FIN) passing

Tuomas Sammuelvo (FIN) receiving

Mikka Heikkinen (FIN) attacking, Rob Bontje (NED) at block

Wytze Kooistra (NED) attacking

Jakub Novotny (CZE) attacking, Ludovic Castard, Oliver Kieffer and Frantz Granvorka (FRA) at block

Lebl Martin (CZE) celebrating

Stéphane Antiga (FRA) attacking

Czech captain Lebl Martin (CZE) arging with refferee Kainulainenn (FIN)

General view of La Palestre arena

French coach Philippe Blain

Peter Platenik (CZE) attacking

Jiri Novak (CZE) attacking

Oliver Kieffer (FRA) attacking

French team celebrating after victory against Czech Republic

Czech team

French team

Netherlands' team

Finnish team

Czech Republic vs Finland, presentation of teams

Matti Hietanen (FIN) attacking, Jiri Novak and Martin Lebl (CZE) at block

Finnish captain Tuomas Sammelvuo motivates his fellows

Jakub Novotny (CZE) attacking, Tuomas Sammelvuo, Janne Heikkinen and Mikko Esko (FIN) at block

Czech players celebrating

Michal Rak (CZE) attacking

Czech captain Martin Lebl celebrating

Supporters greet Czech players after their victory against Finland

Wytze Kooistra (NED) blocking Guillaume Samica's (FRA) attack

Kay van Dijk (NED) attacking

Wytze Kooistra and Dirk-Jan van Gendt (NED)

French team celebrating

Stéphane Antiga (FRA) at net

Ludovic Castard (FRA) at attack

Oliver Kieffer (FRA) at attack

Guillaume Samica (FRA) at attack

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