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2006 Volleyball World Championships 




List of events

Gender   Round   Confed.   Pool   Start date   End date   City     Country   Participants  
Women  NORCECA   A   4/15/2005  4/17/2005  Kingston   Jamaica   Dutch Antilles, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands  
Women  NORCECA   C   5/11/2005  5/15/2005  Guatemala City   Guatemala   Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico  
Men  NORCECA   C   5/20/2005  5/22/2005  San Jose   Costa Rica   Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua  
Men  NORCECA   B   5/25/2005  5/29/2005  La Romaine   Trinidad & Tobago   Trinidad & Tobago, Anguilla, Dominica, St/ Lucia, St/ Kitts  
Men  NORCECA   A   6/15/2005  6/19/2005  Bridgetown   Barbados   Barbados, Dutch Antilles, Jamaica, Cayman Is/, British Virgin Is/  
Women  NORCECA   B   6/15/2005  6/19/2005  Bridgetown   Barbados   Barbados, Anguilla, Dominica, St/ Kitts  
Women  NORCECA   D   8/13/2005  8/19/2005  Caguas   Puerto Rico   Puerto Rico, USA, Canada, Mexico (1st C), 1st B  
Men  NORCECA   E   8/17/2005  8/21/2005  Ciudad Habana   Cuba   Panama, Canada, Cuba, Costa Rica (1st C), Trinidad & Tobago (1st B)  
Men  NORCECA   D   8/22/2005  8/28/2005  Caguas   Puerto Rico   Puerto Rico, USA, Mexico, Guatemala (2nd C), 1st A  
Women  NORCECA   E   8/24/2005  8/28/2005  Santo Domingo   Dominican Republic   Dominican Republic, Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala (2nd C), Jamaica (1st A)  
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