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World Olympic Qualification Tournament - Press Info

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China beat Japan 3-2 (27-25, 20-25, 25-22, 22-25, 18-16) - duration 2:21
23-May, start time: 18:00, end time: 20:21 - Attendance: 10,000
China Outlasts Japan 3-2
After a tense start, Japan took the upper hand by displaying a good combination of attacking and blocking tactics, moving ahead 8-5. But the Chinese found its form and took over control of the match, moving into an 18-16 lead. The Chinese widened their lead to 20-17 when a timeout was called. The Japanese fought back and evened the score 22 all. Chinese high scorer Shen Qiong shined in the Chinese attack. Both teams remained deadlocked at 24 all and the standoff was extended until the Chinese took the set 27-25 on spikes by Tang Miao and Zhang Xiang.
In the second set, the Japanese recovered its style of play to go ahead 10-5. The Japanese were ahead at 16-11 when a timeout was called. The Japanese took a commanding 20-17 lead and widened their lead to 23-19 before taking it 25-20. Left-handed Japanese ace attacker Takahiro Yamamoto teamed up with Hiroyuki Kai to lead the Japanese offensive.
The Chinese took the upper hand in the third set, going ahead 8-4. The Chinese went ahead 13-10 and extended their lead to 16-13. The Japanese narrowed the gap to 16-15 on Yamamoto's powerful serves and then evened the score 18-18. The Chinese again went ahead 24-21 and took the set 25-22 on Yamamoto's serving error.
The Japanese regained control of the game and jumped into a 4-1 lead. Both sides traded attacks toe-to-toe, with the Japanese staying ahead at 10-7. The Japanese moved ahead to take a 14-9 lead. The Japanese strengthen their advantage to 23-19. The Japanese took the set 25-22 after Yamamoto set up set point with a spike.
In the final set, the Japanese took control of the match, going ahead 4-1 before a timeout. The Japanese took the upper hand but the Chinese stayed in contention. It was a tight neck-to-neck duel, with the Chinese leading the way. The Chinese took a 13-11 advantage but the Japanese made it an even 13 all. The Chinese set up match point but the Japanese made it 14 all. After missing match point twice, the Chinese took it 18-16 and ran off winners.