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Men's Olympic Qualification Tournament - Press Info

Press conference

France beat Canada 3-0 (25-22, 25-23, 25-21) - duration 1:23
23-May, start time: 13:00, end time: 14:23 - Attendance: 2,150
BLAIN, Philippe (FRA Head Coach)
"I am satisfied with the way we played today. In the point of our skill, this game was pretty good. Not only jumping service of GRANVORKA but also attacking and blocking of our players worked effectively."

BARCA-CYSIQUE, Philippe (FRA Player)
"I just tried to perform as I normally do and I also tried to follow the instructions of my head. I do not care how many points I achieved. I think I was able to contribute to our victory."

DEROCCO, Stelio (CAN Head Coach)
"I don't think our performance was bad today. Besides the two rotations when Frantz Granvorka and Philippe Barca-Cysique were serving, we were doing well. We also had leads from time to time. Only those two rotations gave us difficulties."

KOSKIE, Scott (CAN Captain)
"We're disappointed with the result. We didn't play our best. Overall, we did put good effort on the game, but we were unable to take control of the game. Yesterday against Iran, we were able to control the game with our serving and blocking, but today we couldn't receive the strong serving of France so well."