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Men's Olympic Qualification Tournament - Press Info

Press conference

Iran beat Korea 3-0 (25-18, 25-21, 25-16) - duration 1:13
23-May, start time: 11:00, end time: 12:13 - Attendance: 790
PARK, Ki Won (IRI Head Coach)
"Iran team is not so young team, but we have not so often performed very well in the international matches. Today's match was not bad compared with the match of yesterday. The players trust me and my indications so I can communicate very well with my players."

AKBARI, Peyman (IRI Captain)
"Our head coach analyzed keenly about Korean team and he gave us accurate information with each player, these information worked well in this time. We did not care about to win or to lose, we just tried to perform hard and the outcome of the game will follow us."

CHA, Joo-Hyun (KOR Head Coach)
"We didn't have much time for training to play in this tournament which we have to win the ticket to the Olympics. There wasn't enough time to unite our players into one as a team, and we also have four to five injured players. Those factors made the training even more difficult. But a defeat is a defeat. I don't have anything to say about that."

CHOI, Tae-Woong (KOR Player)
"I think Iran showed great progress compared to last year, especially with their strong serving. On the contrary, our domestic league has ended just a while ago, so we didn't have enough time for training, and also we had some injured players. Those elements are giving bad effect on our performance."