FIVB Women's World Olympic Qualification Tournament 2012 | Japan


Hosts Japan dominate in win over Peru

Peru's Andreina Ruiz on the attack but it was Japan who celebrated a convincing victory in the end

Tokyo, Japan, May 19, 2012 - Japan powered past Peru in straight sets (25-13, 25-21, 25-18) on the first day of action in the FIVB Women's World Olympic Qualifying Tournament in the Tokyo Metropolitan Gym on Saturday.

Japan, ranked third in the world, was backed by a raucous partisan crowd on the way to victory. Yukiko Ebata and Saori Kimura spearheaded the Japan attack with 11 points apiece and Mai Yamaguchi chipped in 10 tallies. Carla Rueda led Peru with 11 points while Diana Soto added nine for the defeated side.

The home side established a huge difference in blocks (10-4) with three apiece by Kimura, Erika Araki and Nana Iswaka. They also held a slight 3-1 advantage in aces. Peru gave away 25 points in errors while Japan only made 14 for the whole match.

Japan's discipline and team play proved too much for Peru, which was simply overmatched. A soaring spike by Ebata tied the score 3-3 early in the first set, after Peru opened with a 3-1 lead. Japan moved in front 6-5 on a reception error by Peru. Soto spiked to pull Peru within 7-6, before Ebata struck with another spike to give Japan an 8-6 lead at the first TTO. Saori Kimura hammered a spike off an option play to put Japan up 10-6 and Peru called a timeout. Kimura's block made it 11-7 for Japan. A nice save by Nana Iwasaka led to another Japan point for 13-7. Carla Rueda's spike made it 13-8. Rueda fired a spike long as Japan moved out to a 15-8 advantage. An Ebata spike put Japan up 16-8 at the second TTO. Alexandra Munoz's service error put Japan up 17-9. Erika Araki's spike took the count to 20-12. Hitomi Nakamichi followed with a service ace for 21-12. Soto sailed a serve long for 22-13. Kimura uncorked another spike as Japan closed in on the set at 23-13. Japan took the set 25-13 on a spike by Ebata.

Japan quickly grabbed a 3-0 lead in the second set on a pair of unforced errors by the South Americans. Iwasaka's block made it 5-0 and Peru called a timeout. Kimura rebuffed a Peru block at the net and the count was 6-0. Peru finally got on the board on a service error by Japan. Iwasaka came right back with a spike for 7-1. She blocked the next Peruvian spike and Japan was out front 8-1 at the first TTO. Soto's spike made it 9-3 as Peru looked for a solution. Mai Yamaguchi's spike put Japan up 11-3. A dink by Yamaguchi made it 12-5. Peru's Clarivett Yllescas spiked for 12-6. Araki's block took it to 13-6. Kimura sent a spike lone as Peru closed to within four points at 13-9. Andreina Ruiz's spike made it 14-10. A service error by Peru sent Japan into the second TTO with a 16-11 lead. An Ebata spike put Japan up 17-12. Ebata spiked again for 18-13. A botched reception by Peru made it 20-14 and they took a timeout. A dink by Elena Keldibekova took it to 20-16. Araki sent a serve long for 21-17. A spike by Yamaguchi made it 23-19 as Japan looked to claim the second set. Rueda's spike made it 23-20. A block by Peru pulled them within two points at 23-21 and Japan called a timeout. Ebata's spike gave Japan set point at 24-21 and Kimura closed it out 25-21 with a spike.

Peru took the first two points of the third set, but Japan quickly equalized after an Ebata spike. A service error by Keldibekova moved Japan ahead 5-4. Rueda pounded a spike that sent libero Yuko Sano sprawling for 6-5. Peru won a long rally on a spike by Soto to tie the score 7-7. A spike by Iwasaka put Japan up 8-7 at the first TTO. Kimura's spike made it 9-7. Japan took its fifth straight point no a service error by Peru. Iwasaka followed with a block for 13-7 and it was clear that Peru was in trouble. Araki's spike took Japan into the second TTO with a five-point edge at 16-11. An Araki block made it 17-11. Rueda then smashed a spike for 17-12. An unforced Peru error made it 18-13. A great save by Sano keyed a point that ended with a Kimura smash for 19-13. Ortiz sent a return into the net for 20-13 and the result appeared academic. Araki's spike took it to 21-14. A spike by Yamaguchi put Japan within two points of victory at 23-16. Iwasaki mishit a spike but it still went in to make it match point at 24-17. Soriano hit a nice return for 24-18, but Araki closed it out with a final spike at 25-18.








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