FIVB Men's World Olympic Qualification Tournament 2012 | Bulgaria

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Pakistan tried but did not clouded the start of Bulgaria

Brave Pakistan made life tough for Bulgaria in the third set

Sofia, Bulgaria, June 08, 2012 - Bulgaria started the FIVB Men's World Olympic Qualification Tournament in Sofia with an easy win over Pakistan. The Asian team was considered an absolute outsider but bravely challenged the more classy team of the hosts. However, the difference between the debutant in the Olympic qualification process and Bulgaria was too huge to be narrowed - 3-0 (25-17, 25-12, 25-21).

The great news for Bulgaria was the return of Andrey Zhekov after long term injury. The 32-year-old setter was the main missing figure in the European Olympic Qualification tournament the previous month.

Pakistan somehow managed to draw Bulgaria in their style in the first set and kept the play leveled until the sixth point. After that, slow and easy hosts proved their strenght and got the match under control.

Radostin Stoychev never took the risk and used his main players to prepare for tomorrow's decisive battle against France. Second set was a small volleyball lesson for Pakistan. Kaziyski and co. left the opponents at 12 points, even giving them some generous points.

Around 8,000 people payed the honor to guest in the third set, when they sort of returned in the match and gave all they can to keep Bulgaria close. Lead by Ismail Muhammad, Pakistanis were even until the 20th point, when naiive mistake at reception gave a two point advantage for Bulgaria. The more experienced team just did what was necessary and won - 25-21.

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