FIVB Men's World Olympic Qualification Tournament 2012 | Bulgaria

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France start easy against Egypt

Earvin Ngapeth scored 18 points to lead France to victory

Sofia, Bulgaria, June 8, 2012 - France easily defeated Egypt 3-1 (25-22, 25-18, 15-25, 25-15) at the start of FIVB Men's World Olympic Qualification Tournament in Sofia. Earvin Ngapeth was the main reason behind the win by Philippe Blain's boys scoring 18 and leading his teammates to victory. Egypt had a chance in the second set but failed to keep advantage in the third to stay in the match.

Both team made a lot of mistakes (63 overall) but the experience of France and lack of preparation of Egypt ensured the world No. 21 maintained their unbeaten record against their African opponents, ranked 11th in the world, which now stretches to four matches dating back to the 1974 World Championships.

Although it was expected for France to win comfortably and after the first set with advantage for them, Egypt never gave easy points and suprised a little when the second set started. With some smooth moves by Abdalla Ahmed, Egypt changed the rhythm and surprized their rival. France could not wake up even with some nice spikes by Ngapeth.

Nevertheless - Ngapeth, Samuele Tuia and Antonin Rouzier made the difference in the third set. Egypt tried to fly and lead in the beginning, but it was not enough. Lack of preparation and several bad moves went against them.

Having the victory in the third set and psychological advantage, for France was much easier to close the match, playing with a thought for the "final" with Bulgaria on Saturday.

France beat Egypt three times 3-0 before this match: the record was set with victories in the World Cup 2003, the World Championship 1978 and the World Championship 1974.

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