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  2008 Men's World Olympic Qualification
 ARG / Argentina - Team Composition
Team manager CELIA, Osvaldo
Head coach URIARTE, Jon
Assistant coach ORDUNA, Guillermo
Doctor LOCASO, Fernando
Therapist / trainer LECOUNA, Daniel
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
1 Javier Filardi Filardi 07.02.1980 190 89 340 318 UPCN San Juan Volley
2   Gustavo Scholtis Scholtis 16.12.1982 206 87 358 338 UPCN San Juan Voley Club
3 Diego Stepanenko Stepanenko 25.02.1985 204 90 349 337 Palma Volley - ESP
4   Lucas Ocampo Ocampo 20.03.1986 196 100 335 318 Personal Bolívar
5 Gabriel Arroyo Arroyo 03.03.1977 194 95 352 327 Ciudad de Bolivar Club
6   Santiago Orduna Orduna 31.08.1983 185 75 333 324 Soria - ESP
7 Gustavo Federico Porporatto Porporatto 07.05.1981 199 94 365 260 La Union de Formosa
8   Leandro Martín Concina Concina 04.11.1984 196 94 340 320 Gioia del Colle - ITA
9 Lucas Chávez Chavez 03.04.1982 199 95 335 318 Guaynabo Mets - PTR
10   Pablo Peralta Peralta 09.12.1979 204 100 350 330 UPCN - ARG
11 Rodrigo Aschemacher Aschemacher 06.03.1989 204 97 340 322 Personal Bolívar
L 12   Martin Meana Meana 26.04.1982 188 83 347 320 UPCN - ARG
13 Demián González Gonzalez D 21.02.1983 192 82 326 310 Brazil Kirin Club
14   Guillermo García Garcia 21.09.1983 193 92 352 340 Personal Bolívar
15 Luciano De Cecco De Cecco 02.06.1988 191 98 332 315 Sir Safety Perugia
16   Martin Hernandez Hernandez 23.03.1985 202 80 351 330 Gigantes del Sur - ARG
17 Rodrigo Quiroga Quiroga R 23.03.1987 191 83 336 316 Vôlei Canoas
18   Gastón Giani Giani 26.04.1979 194 86 345 330 Tigre Volley Club - ARG
L 19 Facundo Santucci Santucci 06.03.1987 185 87 322 302 Toulouse Club
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile   Coach Profile

The Men's National team started playing in official events at the South American Championship held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1951, where they finish fourth. The first participation of the Argentine Men's team at the World Championship, in Rio de Janeiro too, took place in 1960, when they finished 15th. Since then, Argentina has participated in eight World Championships and its best ranking was 3rd place in the Championship held in Buenos Aires in 1982. 
Olympic Games appearances started in Los Angeles in 1984, when they finished sixth but then. In Seoul in 1988, Argentina won the bronze medal. They finished sixth at Atlanta 1996, fourth at Sydney 2000 and fifth at Athens 2004. 

Argentina has qualified to play the second round in all Olympic Tournaments.
In the World League, Argentina started in 1996 and only in Mar del Plata, as host country in 1999, did they take place in the final matches with the six best teams of the world.
Argentina has played in eight editions of the Panamerican Games and three times claimed the bronze and one the gold in 1995 in the Games played in Mar del Plata.
In its short history in the modern times of Volleyball Argentina has organized two Men’s World Championships, in 1982 and in 2002, and one World Boys’ Youth Championship in 1993.

Volleyball was introduced in Argentina by the YMCA - Youth Christian Association in 1912.  The Argentine Volleyball Federation was created in 1932.  
Slowly the number of fans started growing as a result of its broadcasting.  Nowadays, about 30,000 registered players enjoy Volleyball all over the country, but if you add the number of players at school level the number grows even higher.


Jon Uriarte returned to the Argentine National Team after a long time as player and as coach.

For 12 years he wore the Argentine Jersey himself, playing in four FIVB World Championships and two Olympic Games.

Uriarte was part of the group called "Generation 82" that won the bronze at the 1982 World Championship in Argentina and the 1988 Olympic Games held in Seoul. 

He also won the Argentine League three times and nine championships in foreign leagues: seven in the A1 Italian League, one in France and one in The Netherlands.
His path as coach started in the Argentine city of Azul, coaching first Chacarita FC Azul (1991-93, twice Champion) and Azul Voley Club (1993-2001, champion in 1993-94 and 2000-01). 

Afterwards he travelled to Australia to coach their Men’s National Team from 2001-04, guiding the team to the Olympics in 2004 in Athens.

In 2005 he coached Telemig Minas de Brazil, winning one championship and claiming one second-place finish before returning to Argentina.
Under Uriarte, the Argentines produced their best performance in history in the 2006 World League with seven consecutive victories, won the silver medal at the 2007 South American Championship held in Chile, finished 13th at the 2006 World Championship in Japan and seventh at the 2007 FIVB World Cup.