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  2008 Men's World Olympic Qualification
 POR / Portugal - Team Composition
Team manager Nuno NUNES
Head coach Jorge SCHMIDT
Assistant coach Alexandre AFONSO
Doctor Hugo PINTO
Therapist / trainer Rafael DEUS
Journalist Jorge CASTRO
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
1 Miguel Maia M. Maia 23.04.1971 181 81 324 285 SC Espinho
2   Bruno Gonçalves Bruno 18.04.1983 182 79 315 290 AJF Bastardo
3 Andre Reis Lopes Andre 12.09.1982 193 86 342 332 SL Benfica
4   Joao Malveiro Malveiro 08.12.1979 198 90 341 337 SC Espinho
5 Roberto Reis Roberto 02.03.1980 189 82 335 325 SC Espinho
6   Carlos Fidalgo Fidalgo 16.05.1987 198 95 343 337 Vitoria SC
L 7 Carlos Teixeira Teixeira 11.03.1976 184 84 311 293 Stade Poitevin Poitiers
8   Hugo Gaspar H. Gaspar 02.09.1982 200 83 354 343 SL Benfica
9 Nuno Araujo Pinheiro Pinheiro 31.12.1984 193 89 337 325 Tours VB
10   Nelson Brizida Brizida 20.04.1982 0 0 342 332 Vitoria SC
11 Eden Sequeira Eden 28.10.1980 198 88 350 343 Beauvais Oise Universite Club
C 12   Joao Jose J. Jose 07.06.1978 195 87 352 345 AJ Fonte Bastardo
13 Valdir Sequeira Valdir 22.11.1981 196 86 351 344 Videx Grottazzolina
14   Flavio Cruz Flavio 28.08.1982 195 86 348 341 SL Benfica
15 Rui Botas Dos Santos Ruca 24.03.1984 203 95 343 331 Chenois Volleyball Club
16   Diogo Frada D. Frada 21.09.1985 188 75 349 343 Esmoriz GG
17 Frederico Lages Fred 04.05.1989 201 87 329 309 Leixoes SC
18   Eurico Peixoto Eurico 13.05.1981 192 90 332 326 Vitoria SC
19 Manuel Silva M. Silva 28.12.1973 192 96 345 325 SC Espinho
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile   Coach Profile

The Portuguese Volleyball Federation was one of the FIVB founders in 1947.

The first international participation was in the inaugural European Championships held in Rome in 1948, where they obtained fourth place.

The arrival of the former Cuban Head Coach Juan Diaz around 2000 was the turning point for the Portuguese Men’s National Team, with the goal set of being among the world’s elite.

Portugal participated again for the second time in the FIVB World League in 2001. The National Team has also qualified, for the second time in its history, for the finals of the FIVB World Championships in 2002 in Argentina, where they claimed a brilliant eighth place.

In 2003, Portugal played for a fourth time in the World League. It was 2005 that will remain in the memories of the Portuguese people, though.

In the World League Portugal achieved their best result ever (fifth place), behind the four teams qualified for the final phase and  they imposed a clear 3-0 win over the Brazilians,  the only defeat for the eventual winners of the 16th edition of the World League.

In 2006, under the orientation of the Brazilian Francisco dos Santos, Portugal participated for the seventh time in the World League, where they claimed the 13th position.

The Portuguese these days are counting on the experience of another Brazilian, Jorge Schmidt, in order to achieve one of its major goals: participation in the Olympic Games.

Most recently, in July 2007, after winning the International Tournament that celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Portuguese Volleyball Federation, Portugal hosted in Portimão the Final Four of the European League. After defeating Slovakia in the semi-finals, Portugal was very close to claiming its first international trophy, but lost in the final to Spain, a team that a few months after became European Champions.


Jorge Schmidt took over as Head Coach of the Portuguese Men’s National Team in 2004.

Schmidt's experience, relationship with and knowledge of players both personally and technically provides him with the highest performance standards.

The results of his work are solid and the presence in the Final Phase of the European League was the first step for the Portuguese.

Schmidt, March 30, 1957, in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, gained a degree in physical education in 1979.
He has won several titles during his career, like the three victories in the Brazilian Super League in 1994-1995, 1997-1998 and 1998-1999). In 2004 he took charge of a new team from his hometown, and won the National League and claimed third place in the Super League.

"Jorginho" then opened a new chapter in his life by taking the Portugal job.