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  2008 Men's World Olympic Qualification
 TPE / Chinese Taipei - Team Composition
Team manager Mr.HUNG Sheng Lang
Head coach Mr.CHANG Jung Hsiang
Assistant coach Mr.HOU Wen Tang
Therapist / trainer Mr. SHIH Han Chih
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
1 Wei Ming Peng Peng W.M. 08.12.1990 195 75 340 330 Feng Shang
2   Kai Hsien Wu Wu K.H. 17.11.1990 197 84 330 315 Mi Liao
3 Hung Chin Huang Huang H.C. 01.11.1990 187 72 320 310 Kao Ying
4   Chia Jui Tai Tai C.J. 28.01.1987 194 86 330 320 NTNU
5 Chien Feng Huang Huang C.F. 31.12.1990 193 78 340 335 Feng Shang
6   Shih Cheng Yang Yang S.C. 24.11.1990 192 80 335 320 Kao Ying
7 Yu Hsin Lin Lin Y.H. 25.12.1989 190 75 335 325 Chung Yuan
8   Yao Chiang Lu Chiang Lu Chiang Y.C. 23.05.1990 186 86 320 310 Taiwan Power
9 Pei Hung Huang Huang P.H. 17.09.1990 190 70 318 308 Yuan Li
L 10   Wei Lun Chien Chien W.L. 06.02.1989 170 63 300 305 NTNU
11 Ming Chun Wang Wang M.C. 30.07.1988 188 85 310 300
C 12   Jung Chung Hung Hung J.C. 27.09.1982 186 75 335 320 TPEC
13 Tien Yu Chiang Chiang T.Y. 07.02.1988 195 84 335 325 Taiwan Power
14   Chang Fu Chen Chen C.F. 27.06.1989 190 75 325 318 Chia Yi University
15 Kuo Kai Liao Liao K.K. 23.05.1991 188 80 327 310 Yuan Li
16   Chien Chen Chen Chen C.C. 20.11.1989 187 78 320 310 Hua Chaio
17 Li Sheng Cheng Cheng L.S. 21.10.1989 187 70 320 315 Chung Yuan
18   Chien Pin Wang Wang C.P. 09.10.1989 185 74 320 310 NTNU
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile   Coach Profile

Chinese Taipei are one of the up and coming nations in Menís Volleyball and could be one of the dark horses in the World Olympic Qualification Tournament in Tokyo.

The National Team, ranked No. 39 in the world, have been developing players over the last few years to create a strong foundation and solid link between Youth and Senior Volleyball.

In the last year, a group of young players have been selected to train together every weekend in preparation for the future.

It is a step in the right direction after disappointing results linked to the Chinese Taipei Enterprise Menís Volleyball League.

An anomaly in recent history was the excellent third-place showing at the Asian Games in 1998.

In 2002, they finished sixth at the Asian Games, while in the Asian Senior Menís Volleyball Championship they picked up a creditable fourth place in 1997 before finishing seventh in 1999, sixth in 2001, ninth in 2003, 13th in 2005 and eighth in 2007.

Chinese Taipei have decided to pick a young team to take part in the Tokyo Olympic qualifier.

The players have varying degrees of experience in the Asian Youth, Junior and Senior Championships.

In order to prepare for the qualifier, Chinese Taipei have had the players from the beginning of April. The ultimate goal is for the future, but the team will be hoping to exceed expectations in Tokyo.


Jung Hsiang Chang is a former National Team player turned Head Coach for Chinese Taipei.

After finishing his career as a player he taught Volleyball at various universities. He has been Head Coach for the National Team in 1997, 1998 and then 2003.

Chang, born July 12, 1952, now teaches Volleyball at Ta Jen University and is a Member of the Coach Committee of the Chinese Taipei Volleyball Association.

Chang faces a tough task in rallying the young group of Chinese Taipei players ahead of the World Olympic Qualification Tournament in Tokyo. He has been working hard with the players since the beginning of April in preparation for the event.