I am very proud to present a breakthrough for the
benefit of volleyball.
The FIVB World League competition now has 18 teams
for the first time in its history, representing an increase
from 16, which was the norm since 2006. This very
important modification will make the most prestigious
annual men’s volleyball tournament more competitive
and exciting than ever before.
The new structure emphasises global representation,
providing opportunities for intercontinental matches
in a wider variety of locations, and opens up the
competition to more players and fans. In keeping
with the new approach to all FIVB properties, the
competition is being opened up and liberated, rather
than restricted.
Opportunity is the buzz word. Athletes are our most
important asset and they must be given the opportunity
to play and perform. Fans must also have the
opportunity to access our sport while the opportunity
to provide sustainable growth cannot be resisted.
We have seen in the 23 years since eight teams met in
the first edition, two distinct eras of theWorld League –
the Italian-dominated 1990s and the Brazil-dominated
s. In 2012, neither of those teams won a medal –
only the third time that has happened. Going into 2013,
it looks like there are any number of teams that could
rise above the rest. We can’t pass up this occasion to
encourage all teams to push each other as hard as they
can. Volleyball will benefit from that vitality.
I am eager to see new teams establish themselves and
to watch a new generation of young players stamp their
mark on the World League. With that in mind, Iran’s
qualification represents true growth and they must be
congratulated for making their first ever appearance in
the World League and showing, once again, that the
premier annual men’s competition continues to go from
strength to strength.
Yours truly,
Dr. Ary S. Graça F°
FIVB President
A new look and feel