Hosts Italy, playing at the Mandela Forum in
Florence, dominated Pool C and were the only
team to stay unbeaten in the opening week of
the World League across all pools. Italy were
without the injured Simone Parodi but welcomed
back Andrea Giovi and Giulio Sabbi. However,
their first match proved tougher than expected.
They beat Korea 24-26, 27-25, 21-25, 29-27, 18-
in the highest-scoring match of the opening
weekend – a total of 238 points, 119 for each
team. Italian coach Mauro Berruto rotated his
players and captain Cristian Savani was their top
scorer with 15 points. Korea’s Kim Yo-Han was
the top scorer in the match with 22 points.
It’s not easy at all to speak after an incredible
match like that,” said Korea coach Park Ki-Won.
I just can say I’m proud of my team, even if we
made some errors and we weren’t able to win.”
The Italians had to use slightly less energy in
beating France 3-1 and the United States 3-0.
Against France, Savani was again the top scorer
for the Italians with 18 points, but he sat out
the USA match, where Sabbi took the scoring
honours with 17 points. “When my team play
in such an intense and focused manner, it’s very
difficult to lose our aims,” Berruto commented.
Obviously I’m really happy. Thanks Florence.”
MAY 18-20
Italy dominate
first week on
home turf in
France’s José Trèfle recorded 11 of his
Intercontinental Round blocks in
his first week of play in Florence
Korea setter Han Sun-Soo chipped in 15 digs
and a block against Italy in Round 1