Pushing the
status higher
and higher
In 2012, the 23
edition of the FIVB World League
saw some exciting changes to the competition
format. For the first time in the tournament’s
history, the Intercontinental Rounds were played
over three days on four different weekends,
each country hosting the other three teams in
their pool. This new format allowed the FIVB to
accommodate a busy schedule for 2012, which
also included Qualification Tournaments for the
London 2012 Olympic Games. The World League
proved itself again in 2012, continuing to attract
a growing global audience by offering the finest
TV coverage. The production of the World League
continues to improve and standardise the quality
of footage, while inter-operability is maintained
through effective communication and strong
relationships between the broadcasters, the FIVB
and IMG, the FIVB’s TV Coordination Agency. The
on-site TV coordinators ensure good cooperation
between the broadcasters and the FIVB by
helping monitor the host broadcasters, making
sure the event runs smoothly, and providing
quality coverage of volleyball at its best while
meeting FIVB standards. These factors have all
contributed to the World League’s success and
have built a strong foundation to encourage
successful execution of this event for years to
The FIVB, through its dedicated online platform
for host broadcasters, facilitated access to all of
the competition’s official graphics, title sequences
and music. This in turn helped to promote a
sleek and instantly recognisable format that is
becoming a trademark of the World League
coverage, an incredibly important marker for
creating international recognition of the sport
and for positioning the World League as one of
the world’s top tournaments.
The production of five highlight shows, each
lasting 26 minutes, has also attracted new
broadcasters in RDS (Canada) and Ten Sport
Indian Subcontinent), while maintaining existing
contracts with Channel 4 (UK & Ireland), Fox
Sports (Australia) and Sky NZ (New Zealand). This
resulted in highlights from 2012 being broadcast
in 18 territories across three continents. Highlights
are instrumental in stimulating and maintaining
interest in volleyball in countries that do not have
full match coverage.