Building on the successful launch in 2011 and
first year of the FIVB Heroes campaign, the
World League Finals in Sofia saw a whole range
of activities designed to promote the sport and
bring the spectacle of volleyball to the world.
The FIVB Heroes campaign puts the world’s
best players at the heart of the promotional
campaign and allows them to play an active role
in expanding volleyball’s worldwide profile and
fan base.
A comprehensive list of promotional activities
was implemented in Sofia, typifying the nature of
the campaign throughout the year.
Outside the stadium, fans were greeted by giant
banners featuring the Heroes, as well as a five-
metre-tall sculpture of one of the most iconic
Heroes – Brazilian Murilo Endres.
A mobile bluebox saw 623 participants take part,
while the activities inside the arena included a
stationary version of the bluebox that attracted
fans. Perimeter advertising, adverts on the
giant screens and a very active promotion team
made sure fans were also engaged courtside.
The press were also catered for with events in
the FIVB hospitality lounge, followed by a photo
shoot and green box interviews with the Heroes.
Merchandising of t-shirts and caps was very
popular with fans, as well as, the onsite
sweepstake that saw 26,120 aficionados fill out
forms with a further 17,558 online participants.
This success was also mirrored in the online
statistics, with a significant increase in visitors,
including 460 new “likes” on Facebook and over
views on YouTube over the weekend.
The Heroes campaign has gathered strength and
momentum over the past year with its exploits
and activities in Sofia further proof of its growing