Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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Blain: "I'm satisfied and relieved"

The coaches and captains at the press conference on Friday
France coach Philippe Blain: "We are naturally satisfied and relieved by these two wins in the last weekend. We start the competition with not enough preparation and not really ready tactically and physically for some players. As one goes along, the team rose in efficiency and in rhythm."

France captain Nicolas Maréchal: "It was absolutely necessary to win this match. We play well the first two sets then we were frightened before Samuele Tuia helps us well at the end of match. In Pau we were wrinkled and hère n Boulazac we began well the match. It is a beautiful collective and positive performance for the future."

Korea coach Park Mi-won: "France began and badly and finished very well. Our team made the opposite. My players are young team. We knew the result of Portugal but of course we played normally this match."

Korea captain Kwon Young-min: "We hoped to play a good match for Korean fans but we did succeed."



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