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Stoychev: Germany punished our weakness

The press conference following the match between Bulgaria and Germany (from left to right) Germany captain Robert Kromm, translator, Germany coach Raul Lozano, Bulgaria coach Radostin Stoychev and Bulgaria captain Vladimir Nikolov
Varna, Bulgaria, May 28, 2011 - Bulgaria v Germany press conference

Bulgaria coach Radostin Stoychev: "Congratulations for Germany. They deserved the victory. We should have played more organized and according to the game plan we had. We failed in Germany's float serve reception, which is traditional problem in our team. Thus we went low on attack and unsecure in total. Germany used our weakness in the most important moments and that gave them the win. I told my guys that nobody has to think of nothing than victory tomorrow. We do not have much time to change but we have to be more precise."

Bulgaria captain Vladimir Nikolov: "Germany overplayed us in a match with not much volleyball quality. Although they were more exact and that lead them to final success. We made too many unforced errors which have never happened even on practice."

Germany coach Raul Lozano: "Both teams need more time to get in better shape. However we are improving with much work. Tomorrow will be different - that much errors won't be present. Next match will be different and we have to adjust tactics at our most."

Germany captain Robert Kromm: "It was a tight match and I thing we were more concentrated so it was reasonable to win. I know tomorrow will be harder but we have to improve and to win another one here in Bulgaria."

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