Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Concentration and determination were key factors: Park

Korean coach Park Ki-Won comments on the match.

French captain Guillaume Samica: "I would like to congratulate the Korean team on their victory today and compliment the way they played. Our team put up a good fight, but weren't able to win as we lost our tempo and concentration at the end of the third set. That was the main factor behind today's defeat."

Korean captain Kwon Young-Min: "We were not in good condition due to a lack of stamina, but fortunately we managed to keep our concentration and determination to beat France."


Korean No. 13 Choi Hong-Suk: "At the beginning of the match, we were ahead, but in the middle of the first set we lost our concentration for a moment. The coaching staff and my colleagues just told me to enjoy myself and after that I was able to get going again and focus on the match."

"Up to now with the national team, I haven't put on a good performance, but in this 2011 World League I am really happy to see that my performances are better than before. As you have seen, we had close matches with Cuba and France. In my opinion, Korean volleyball will not trail behind the world level if we train and practise our speedy and stylish volleyball."


French coach Philippe Blain: "Before the match, we were a little bit nervous, but we were in good shape until the middle of the third set, after which we lost our concentration, I feel sad about it. In the fourth set, I changed the setter to change the flow of the match, but unfortunately it did not work well."

"I could see the passion and fighting spirit of the young Korean players, and they were in good shape physically. Also, the game speed was much faster than I expected."


Korean coach Park Ki-Won: "Our excellent concentration and strong determination for victory as shown in the third set were the main factors for today's victory. I am satisfied with our concentration on service reception and our fighting spirit, despite a lack of stamina."

"Korea's young players Jeon Kwang-In and Choi Hong-Suk did an excellent job on court. Overall, I would like to give a high grade to their play, but they still have work to do."


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