Thursday, 19 October 2017
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France captain calls for more focus

France coach Philippe Blain: "We knew that things would be hard with starting against Italy with a new group and not a lot of time to prepare. The positive is the behaviour and the state of mind increased between the two matches. We must use the matches to work our systems and perform step by step. We make too many mistakes for the moment. We have to erase those mistakes. Nevertheless, it is encouraging and we see what we have to work on to advance again. Next week, Nicolas MarĂ©chal will join us in Korea; it will do us good, especially in the area of reception. The replacements were great; each player is able to bring something new to the group. Now, we all know we can count on 14 players available to give the best of themselves."

France captain Guillaume Samica: "Two different matches, even if the result is the same. The end of the second game looked like what we are used to producing with the French team -- more fighting, more defense, more desire and support. We must stay focused at practice and in order to get points in Korea." 

Italy coach Mauro Berruto: "I am of course very happy and proud of these two wins. Taking six points in two matches in the World League is surprising, especially when you play a match as perfect as we did Friday. My players have remained focused and sharp on attack. It's already a big step for qualification to the Final 8 in Poland."

Italy captain Christian Savani: "I'm so glad to reach two wins in two matches. We did not have time to train, so we used the matches to get better. We hope to play better and better."

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