Monday, 25 September 2017
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Khtei: We are one of the best teams in the world

It was Russia's first title since 2002 when they also won the World League
Brazil captain Gilberto Godoy Filho (Giba): “It was a great match, a real spectacle for everybody. It was one of the most exciting matches in last few years. Now we have to understand what happened and focus on qualifying for the Olympic Games and the South American Championships. I am proud of my team and I can promise you more from them. Russia played really well. The Russian school is amazing, it is not only power but also smart play. They played great in block and had one great service.”

Russia captain Taras Khtei: “I hope this final was nice for the people who were watching It was 3-2 and a real volleyball fiesta. I would like to thank the Polish fans for keeping the arena full throughout the tournament. You will stay in our hearts for a long time along with these gold medals. I think I can now agree with the opinion of Reid Priddy, that we are one of the best teams in the world, because we finally confirmed that with success. There is an opinion in our country that we should be the leaders, so we will work on it and we will try to stay on top. Our coach played a huge role in this success, because he took over this team and rebuilt everything and that is priceless.”

Brazil head coach Bernerdo Rezende: “Russia deserved to win. The numbers say they had a great transition game, nine points more than us. We tried to make it a competition in block. They put pressure on us with their service and attack. They play great at the net. They have the potential to dominate. We will work very hard to be a fair competition for them. Maybe now some of the pressure will be taken from our shoulders. Some of my young players say they feel relief, not joy, when they get to a final. Now we have to discover what was the reason for this result, analyze it see what lessons we can learn from this match.”

Russia team manager Oleg Moliboga: “Our play was worthy of the final. Brazil is the best team in the world and they have won many tournaments. Today we were the lucky ones. We are one of the best teams, this match was very close but this time we were better. The atmosphere was amazing. Even during yesterday's match against Poland, the fans' support was very friendly, there were no negative emotions, so it was a pleasure to play here. With this result we proved that we are lucky, but you have to help your luck, so we need keep working really hard.”


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