Sunday, 24 September 2017
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Gruszka: I am glad that we won, especially because it is in Poland, at home

From left: Piotr Gruszka, Andrea Anastasi and Javier Weber

Argentina captain Rodrigo Quiroga: “I want to compliment to the Polish team for qualifying. It was a hard match till the end. We made some changes but I think the whole team  played very well. The Poles made less mistakes and that's why they won. We made a lot of errors, our service didn't work very much. Tomorrow it will be one of the most important elements, so we have to work on it. We didn't make so many mistakes in attack though. Now we are thinking only about tomorrow. Good luck to Poland”

Poland captain Piotr Gruszka: “Thank you very much for the compliments, especially because they were said not only by the captain of Argentina, but also my new teammate from the club. The match was very hard from the beginning to the end. The encounter between Bulgaria and Italy gave us the chance to qualify and we used it. I am glad that we won, especially because it is in Poland, at home. It would be sad to literaly go home so soon. I would like to thank the fans and kindly ask them to still be with us this weekend as well.”

Argentina coach Javier Weber: “Congratulations to Poland for the qualification for the Final Four. I think it was a very good match. I played it with all my players, it is very important for me. In the first two sets I'd prepared my starting 6 players for tomorrow. We knew we had qualified so we could test other players.”

Poland coach Andrea Anastasi: “It is very important for me and the team that we've qualified. I am very happy that we won against Argentina, because in my opinion it is the best team that we've played in this tournament. They played with smiles and no pressure. It was a very hard game for us, we had a lot of pressure on us. Speaking about coach Weber - we fight a lot during matches, but I think he is one of the best coaches in the world. I try to learn a lot from him and listen to him as much as I can.

"Our group was very tough, very difficult. Yesterday both Bulgaria and Poland played very badly. Today, Bulgaria played great and we... well, it wasn't perfect, but a lot better. It is great for me to play in Poland, although it is not always good for all of my players, because of the pressure. There is a difference in my players attitude between matches played in Poland and abroad.

"Tomorrow we have another game, so we will see. The goal was to get to the Final Four and we did id. It will be totally different tomorrow, somewhat with less pressure. Of course, we can lose, because Russia is a wonderful team. I don't play with all my players, I don't know in what shape they all are now, if they are tired, but I know they can play better. I hope that tomorrow, in front of our public, we will play better.

"Yesterday was difficult, I talked to my guys a lot. I believe in them all the time. I believe that they can play better. I told them it was not always necessary to solve everything with power. And today Bartosz Kurek didn't serve every time with all his power, didn't spike with all his power. I am very happy that they fought all the time.

"Of course I am glad we will play against Russia and not Brazil, because we won against Russia once this year (a friendly match), while we were not able to beat Brazil not even one game out of four. I think the guys prefer to play Russia. Maybe tomorrow our play will be very good, maybe we will win. We have to play good volleyball. we know that Russia is a great team.

"In the last three days we've lost a lot of energy and strength. This tournament is not very well planned, because you can't play five good matches in five days, especially if you play five sets. But this is World League. Tomorrow we will have our chance, maybe only about 10 per cent chance to win. But we want to win. Now we have to sleep. I don't sleep much, any coach who loses a match can't sleep, I'm sure. The players don't sleep well either. But we are good as a team. We communicate well. We are not perfect technically. We have to improve if we want to win. We have many injuries and problems, but we will try.”


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