Friday, 20 October 2017
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Stoychev: There is always someone who feels bad.

Coach Radostin Stochev (left) and Vladimir Nikolov
Italy captain Cristian Savani: “We are sorry, we didn't play our best volleyball. We didn't do what was expected after our match against Poland. Congratulations to Bulgaria. This match was weird, especially some decisions of the referees in the end of the second set.”

Bulgaria captain Vladimir Nikolov: “I am very happy that we managed to achieve the victory. It was very important for us, especially because we still have a chance to get to the semifinals. Important also because we showed character. We proved that we hadn't lost faith nor the will to win. We have many problems, but with our passion and attitude we managed to hide those difficulties. I also want to congratulate Italy, because they played till the end. I am glad that we won. We were very happy with  Polish supporters, although we weren't surprised, because we gave their team a chance to qualify to the semifinals. It was still nice to play in such an atmosphere.”

Italy coach Mauro Berrutto: “Congratulations to team Bulgaria, they played a huge match. They were aggressive, they played very efficiently, especially in block. We have lost, we go home. We are sorry, we apologize to our fans, because we didn't show our best, not like we did yesterday. I want to congratulate Polish TV for having great technology. With its development, we could start using it, like in tennis. We are all professionals, we live for this sport. And one decision can change our lives, our careers. Mistakes are a part of life and here it should be as in other parts of life – when referees make a mistake, they should have a chance to get some feedback. Since this technology is used in the Polish league, maybe I will send my CV to one of the clubs. Too bad I'm going home soon (laughs).

Bulgaria coach Radostin Stoychev: “I don't have much to say this evening. I want to only repeat words of one of my and your colleagues and a great player, Andrea Zorzi: The Bulgarian team wins beautiful games in important tournaments and I am sorry these are usually the matches that don't mean much. I am sorry about Italy, because I know how much winning means to them, to the entire staff. But this is sport, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I agree with Mauro's opinion about technology. For sure, when one of the teams is losing with one or two points that were questionable, there is always someone who feels bad.”


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