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World League 2011
22nd Edition, May 27 - July 10

Final Round
July 6-10, 2011, Gdansk-Sopot, POLAND

The Final Round will be played over five days (16 matches in total).

The teams are divided in two Pools "E" and "F" of four teams each and will play round-robin during the first three days. Ranking will be established as per the WL Specific Competition Regulation described on the competition formula page.

The two top teams of each pool will advance to crossed semifinals (1st of pool E v 2nd of pool F and 1st of pool F v 2nd of pool E) and final matches. Teams ranked third and fourth in each pool are eliminated.

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Distribution of teams

Poland (E1)
Argentina (E2)
Italy (E3)
Bulgaria (E4)
Brazil (F1)
Russia (F2)
USA (F3)
Cuba (F4)


Order of matches

Round Robin
Date Local
Pool E Local
Pool F
6 July 17:15 Argentina v Italy 11:00 Russia v USA
6 July 20:00 Poland v Bulgaria 13:30 Brazil v Cuba
7 July 17:15 Bulgaria v Argentina 11:00 Cuba v Russia
7 July 20:00 Italy v Poland 13:30 USA v Brazil
8 July 17:15 Italy v Bulgaria 11:00 USA v Cuba
8 July 20:00 Poland v Argentina 13:30 Brazil v Russia
9 July 17:00 Argentina v Brazil 20:00 Russia v Poland
10 July 17:00 Argentina v Poland 20:00 Brazil v Russia


About the host city

With the 2011 FIVB Volleyball World League set to be hosted at the Gdansk and Sopot Ergo Arena, both cities will welcome some of the top players from around the world. In fact, the center line on the volleyball court where the World League will reach its climax is the exact border of the two Polish towns.

Gdansk sits on the northern coast of Poland on the edge of the Baltic Sea and is the country's fourth largest city. Situated on the mouth of the Motlawa River it has a population of 455,830. A thriving shipping port, Gdansk is also one of Poland's top tourist destinations.


The seaside town of Sopot has a population of 40,000 and along with Gdansk and neighbouring Gdynia it completes the metropolitan area known as Trojmiasto (Tri-City). A major tourist destination and well-known for its health-spas, it is also home to Europe's longest wooden pier which stretches to 515.5 meters.

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