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World League 2010
21st Edition, June 4 - July 25
Competition formula

Qualification Rounds

The four challengers chosen by their confederations (via direct nomination or qualification tournament) —Iran, Egypt, Germany and Mexico— have competed in the inaugural World League Qualification Tournament. 

Germany and Mexico played each other in Berlin on August 21-22 and Egypt and Iran squared off on September 4-5 in the First Round for a chance to play against the bottom two teams from the 2009 World League: No. 15 Japan and No. 16 Venezuela in the second leg from September 18-20.

Germany and Egypt went through the whole qualification process and qualified for the 2010 World League.

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Intercontinental Round

The Intercontinental round takes place over six weekends from June 4 to July 10, 2010. Each team plays two matches against the same team on separate days over the same weekend (usually from Friday to Sunday).

With three rounds at home and three away, there are a total of 12 matches for each team and an overall total of 96 matches in the intercontinental round.

Pool's Seeding

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Brazil Serbia Russia Cuba
Bulgaria Italy USA Argentina
Netherlands France Finland Poland
Korea China Egypt Germany

Pool's Ranking System

Match won 3-0 or 3-1:  3 points for the winner, 0 point for the loser.
Match won 3-2:  2 points for the winner, 1 point for the loser.

In case of tie, the teams will be classified according to the following criteria: number of matches won, points ratio and sets ratio.

Final Round qualification (6 teams)

- 4 Winners of pools, A, B, C, D.

- 1 Host Country of the Final Round (Argentina)*

- 1 Best Second of all pools**

*If Argentina is ranked first in its pool, the team ranked second of Pool D will qualify for the Final Round.

**The team ranked best second according to the ranking points amongst pools A, B, C and D will take the last available vacancy for the Final Round. In case of a tie, criteria used to determine pool rankings and described above will be followed.

Final Round
21 - 25 July 2010, Cordoba, ARGENTINA
TEAMS QUALIFIED: Argentina, plus 5 teams to be defined

The Final Round will be played over 5 days (10 matches in total).

The teams are divided in two Pools "E" and "F" of three teams each and will play round-robin during the first three days. Ranking will be established as per the WL Specific Competition Regulation described above.

The two top teams of each pool will advance to crossed semi-finals (1st of pool E Vs 2nd of pool F and 1st of pool F Vs 2nd of pool E) and final matches. Teams ranked 3rd of each pool are eliminated and will be ranked tied for the 5th place.

Distribution of teams


Order of matches

Round Robin
Date Time Pool E Time Pool F
21 July TDB match n° 97 TDB match n° 98
22 July TDB match n° 99 TDB match n° 100
23 July TDB match n° 101 TDB match n° 102
24 July TDB match n° 103 TDB match n° 104
25 July TDB match n° 105 TDB match n° 106

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