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  World League 2007
 FIN / Finland - Team Composition
Team manager VIITANEN Tero
Head coach BERRUTO Mauro
Assistant coach HONKANEN Pertti
Doctor NYLANDER Tiina
Therapist / trainer VATJALAINEN Kari
Journalist NURMINEN Kimmo
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
L 1 Tapio Kangasniemi Kangasniemi 07.03.1979 186 87 335 300 Tampereen Isku-Volley (FIN)
2   Joni Markkula Markkula 10.02.1983 192 84 330 311 Vammalan Lentopallo (FIN)
3 Mikko Esko Esko 03.09.1978 198 89 331 319 Vammalan Lentopallo (FIN)
4   Antti Esko Esko A 30.07.1982 190 86 335 314 Vammalan Lentopallo (FIN)
5 Antti Siltala Siltala 14.03.1984 193 90 348 330 SavoVolley (FIN)
C 6   Tuomas Sammelvuo Sammelvuo 16.02.1976 192 90 341 315 San Giustino (ITA)
7 Matti Hietanen Hietanen 03.01.1983 199 93 350 320 Gdansk (POL)
8   Ilkka Sammelvuo Sammelvuo I 21.01.1979 197 91 345 315 Cambrai (FRA)
9 Teppo Heikkilä Heikkilä 10.03.1983 187 77 336 313 Kempeleen Lentopallo (FIN)
10   Miika Heikkinen Heikkinen M 06.08.1977 200 94 350 325 Innsbruck (AUT)
11 Olli-Pekka Ojansivu Ojansivu 31.12.1987 197 90 344 325 Savo Volley
12   Olli Kunnari Kunnari 02.02.1982 197 85 342 315 Vammalan Lentopallo (FIN)
13 Mikko Oivanen Oivanen Mi 26.05.1986 198 92 360 320 Czarni Radom (POL)
14   Konstantin Shumov Shumov 15.02.1985 205 98 351 331 Treia (ITA)
15 Matti Oivanen Oivanen Ma 26.05.1986 198 90 355 320 Hurrikaani-Loimaa (FIN)
16   Urpo Sivula Sivula 15.03.1988 195 100 350 330 VaLePa Sastamala Tampere
17 Tuukka Anttila Anttila 13.01.1980 204 95 355 335 Salon Piivolley (FIN)
18   Jukka Lehtonen Lehtonen 22.02.1982 197 90 346 325 LEKA Volley (FIN)
L 19 Jarmo Kaaretkoski Kaaretkoski 12.12.1982 186 80 316 294 Santasport (FIN)
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile   Coach Profile

The National Volleyball Team of Finland has one big goal for the future: playing in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. So far, Finland has never participated in the Olympic Games.


The Finnish team took part in the World Championships six times, though. Last time was in 1982 and Finland finished at the 17th place. It also participated 11 times in the final round of the Men’s European Championships and was four times among the 10 best teams. Finland has also qualified to the 2007 European Championships in Russia.


The head coach of the team is Italian top level coach Mauro Berruto, who started with the Finnish team 2005. His contract runs until 2008.


Many players of the National Team have moved abroad to play professionally in the different European Leagues. The captain of the team, Tuomas Sammelvuo, plays this season in Russia (Dynamo-Yantar Kaliningrad) and last year he was in Japan (Toyota Gosei). He also played many years in the Italian League (Cuneo, Piacenza) and in the French League (Tours, Poitiers, Strasbourg). Setter Mikko Esko plays in the Italian A1 League team Padova. He also played in Maaseik, Belgium and before that in Germany (Unterhaching). Middle player Janne Heikkinen plays in Polish top level team Belchatow. He was in Italy for many years (Bolzano, Ancona, Torino, Taranto), Greece (Olympiakos) and Spain (Gran Canaria). Janne’s brother, middle player Miika Heikkinen plays in Innsbruck, Austria.


Other Finnish players in foreign clubs are: Konstantin Shumov (Isernia, Italy), Simo-Pekka Olli (Bergamo, Italy), Olli Kunnari (Cannes, France), Matti Hietanen (Avignon, France), Tuomas Tihinen (Avignon, France), Ilkka Sammelvuo (Cambrai, France) and Tuukka Anttila (Mörs, Germany). Other players of the national team come from Finnish League clubs.


Final standings in the European Championships

2007  ---
1997 11th
1993  9th
1991  8th
1983  7th
1981  9th
1977  11th
1971  13th
1967  17th
1963  14th

1958 14th
1955 11th


Six participations in the World Championships

1982  17th

1978  17th
1970 20th
1966 19th

1962  18th
1952 11th

Two participations in the World League:

2006  10th
1993 12th

Second in the European League Final 2005, played in Kazan, Russia.


A professional Volleyball coach since 1990, I have developed skills in leadership and the ability to negociate in complex situations and take decisions under pressure thanks to great working opportunities on an international level (national teams, best clubs in Europe, most important sports events like Olympic Games, World Championships, World League, European Championships), increasing the responsibility in human resources management, coordination of marketing plans aimed at carrying out business projects.

My profile is supplemented by special attention to human resources development (I am an advisor for an important Italian agro-industrial group and a teacher at Bocconi University in Milan) and my activity as a writer, freelance journalist, sport psychology teacher and Congress speaker.



1996-97 Degree in Philosophy at "Universita degli Studi" of Torino.

Specialization: Cultural Anthropology.

Graduation thesis: “Circumcision rituals in Madagascar”.



Italian: Native speaking

English: very good. First Certificate in English, from University of Cambridge (session June 2001), grade C.
Modern Greek: very good.

Spanish: fairly good.

French: fairly good.



Winter 2006, Assistant Coach, Italian men's National Team (Head Coach: Giampaolo Montali)

World Championship (Japan – November/December 2006)- 5th position

Summer 2006, Head Coach, Finnish men's National Team

World League (pool B: Bra-Arg-Por-Fin)

Responsible for the placement of Finnish players (16 players in Italy, France, and Germany)


2005-2006, Head Coach, Giotto Padova (Italian League serie A1)


Summer 2005, Head Coach, Finnish men's National Team
Silver Medal European League (Kazan, July 2005)

Responsible for the placement of Finnish players (14 players in Italy, France, Germany)


2004-2005, Head Coach, Lube Banca Marche Macerata (Italian League serie A1)

2nd position

Winner of Cev Cup (Palma de Majorca – March 2005)

Final Eight of the Italian Cup (Sansepolcro – March 2005)


Summer 2004, Assistant Coach, Italian men's National Team (Head Coach: Giampaolo Montali)

Silver Medal- Games of the XXVIII Olympiad (Athens – August 2004)

Silver Medal- World League (Rome – July 2004)


2003-2004, Head Coach, UniMade Parma (Italian League serie A1)

9th position

Final Eight of the Italian Cup (La Spezia - March 2004)


Summer 2003, Assistant Coach, Italian men's National Team (Head Coach: Giampaolo Montali)

Gold medal- Medal European Championship (Berlin – September 2003)

Bronze Medal- World League (Madrid – July 2003)                                       


2002-2003, Head Coach, Copra Ventaglio Piacenza (Italian League serie A1)

12th position

Recipient of the “Costa-Anderlini” award as Best Italian Head Coach of the Italian League serie A2 (season 2001/02)

Head Coach of “Rest of the World” in All Star Game 2002 (Trieste 27th November 2002: Rest of the World-Italy 3-1)


2001-2002, Head Coach, Copra Piacenza (Italian League serie A2)

1st position, promoted to Italian League serie A1

Winner of the Italian Cup serie A2


1999-2001, Head Coach, Pony Express Kappa Torino (Italian League serie A2)

6th position (99-00) and 7th position (00-01)

Winner of the Italian Cup serie A2 (00-01)

Head Coach of Cus Torino team at the National University Championship

Gold Medal- University Championship (Cagliari 2001)

Gold Medal- University Championship (Torino 2000)


Summer 1999, Assistant Coach, Greek men's National Team (Head Coach: Giampaolo Montali)


1998-1999, Head Coach, Kappa Torino (Italian League serie B1)

1st position, promoted to the Italian League Serie A2

Silver Medal Italian Cup serie B                       


1996-1998, Assistant Coach, Olympiakos Piraeus (Greek League, First Division),

(Head Coach: Giampaolo Montali) 

1st position, winner of the Greek League (97-98) and 3rd position (96-97)

Twice Winner of the Greek Cups

2 Silver Medals- Cup Winners’ Cups


1990-1996, Assistant Coach, Lecce Pen Cus Torino (from Italian League B2 to Italian serie A2)

(Head Coaches: G. Melato, A. Ippolito, B. Bagnoli)

Winner of the Italian league serie B2, promoted to the Italian league serie B1

Silver Medal- Italian Cup serie B



Winner of the “Costa-Anderlini” award as Best Italian Head Coach of the Italian League serie A2 (season 2001/02)


As Head Coach:                            

Once winner of the CEV Cup

Silver Medal- European League 2005

One promotion from Serie A2 to Serie A1

One promotion from Serie B1 to Serie A2

Twice winner of the Italian Cups (serie A2)

Two Gold Medals- University Championship

Official Matches: 271 - 172 of them won (64%)


As Assistant Coach:                                           

Gold Medal- European Championship (Berlin 2003)

Silver Medal- Games of the XXVIII Olympiad (Athens 2004)

Silver Medal- World League (Rome 2004)

Bronze Medal- World League (Madrid 2003)

Once winner of the Greek Championship

Twice winner of the Greek Cups

Two Silver Medals Cup Winners' Cup

One Final Four European SuperCup

One promotion from serie B2 to serie B1



- Advisor in Human Resource development for FERRARINI Spa, a very important Italian agro-industrial group. Responsible for the development of 120 sale agents.


- Anthropological on field-research (summer 1994) in Mananjary (Madagascar, Antambahoaka ethnic group) concerning passage-rites in Madagascar.


-Publication of a sports story book: “Andiamo a Vera Cruz con quattro acca. Storie di sport e scacchi matti” – (1° Edition December 2001 Portofranco Editore Publisher; 2° Edition March 2005 BradipoLibri Editore Publisher).


- Freelance journalist: “Il giornale del Piemonte”, “Libertà”, “Il Sole 24 ore - sport, “ Pallavolo-Supervolley”, “Hi Tech volleyball”, “Sport Magazine Piacenza”, website “” “Piemonte Opinioni”, “Sports”, “Block volleyball magazine”, “Stadium”.


- Member of the CUS Torino Border Director (Centro Universitario Sportivo – University Sport Center of Torino) - 1999-2003 – Presidents: Mr. Primo Nebiolo and Mr. Riccardo D’Elicio.


- Member of the Sports Psychology Department at the Torino University.


- “Goal setting, teambuilding and teamworking for business management”  teacher (Bocconi University – Milano).


- Speaker in the seminar “Successful Leadership” (Tampere, Fin – 04/08/2006) with the Finnish Industry Minister.


- “Master in Sports Psychology” teacher (Suism Torino – University School of Physical Education).


- “Master in Volleyball Coaching” teacher in Torino, Milano, Piacenza, Cremona, Parma.


- Project manager of marketing plans in sport for Kappa Torino, Copra Piacenza, Unimade Parma, Finnish National Team.