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Press conference

Cuba beat France 3-0 (33-31, 33-31, 25-12) - duration 1:30
01-Jul, start time: 20:48, end time: 22:18 - Attendance: 15'300
City: Habana; Hall : Ciudad Deportiva Coliseum
Phillippe Blain, head coach of the French team
"We had the win in the first two sets, but it escaped from us. We could have won easily if our players would have played well. We missed these opportinities and could not take advantage of our rivals' weak points. It was ridiculus, they did not struggle as they could have. We had problems. The reception did not work and the serve also failed. They did not fight for the ball in the attack at times".

Stephane Antiga, captain of the French team
"We had the victory in the first set in our hands, but unfortunatelly, we could not score points in easy plays. We had nothing to lose. We could have also won the second set, but we lost it and did not keep the same level in the third set. I want to thank the Cuban team for their qualification to the final".

Gabriel Zobo Lebay, France's second best scorer of the game
"I think we could haved imposed our rhythm of play, but we let the Cubans play and we were unable to stop them and made many mistakes. That helped Cubans played more quiet".

Roberto García, head coach of the Cuban team
"It was a tense match in the first two sets. Both teams made some mistakes, but we manage to win both sets. I believe the block was key and we also won some counterattacks to take the game in our favor.The third set was much easier. The serve worked well and the reception of the Frech team failed and that led us to the win. It was an excellent victory and we are already in the final".

Pavel Pimienta, captain of the Cuban team
"This match represented a lot to us as it meant the qualification for the final. We did our best and made some errors in the first two sets, but we managed to improve our performance and finally achieved the win we all wanted. The World League is not over. We now have the final ahead of us and we will prepare for it".

Osmany Juantorena, Cuba's third best scorer of the game
"It was a great game. Our team was a bit out of focus in the first two sets, but managed to improve our play. We found the concentration our team needed. We took advantage of the French mistakes and achieved the win that enabled to qualify for the final. We will also do our best tomorrow".