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Juan Diaz Mario, a Cuban national with a track record of success that has made him highly respected within the sport, was brought in to take charge of the young and talented Portuguese national team several years ago. He has since guided them through the last two editions of the World League. Under his command, Portugal began to blossom and his hard work was evident in 2002, when it was clear to all observers that he had already stamped the inimitable "Juan Diaz" style on the team.

However, being in charge of a team that is still in its developmental stage can prove difficult, even to the best of coaches, and Diaz Mario’s charges found the going very tough in the 2003 World League having to settle for a place among the sides at the bottom of the final standings.

Diaz, who studied physical education, started his coaching career in 1971. The following year he became third assistant of the Cuban national team. From 1974, he served as Cuba's youth national team head coach for ten years. Between 1994 and 2000 he led Cuba's senior team to an amazing range of successes at international competitions, winning, among other things, the 1998 World League and the bronze medals at the World Championship in Japan the same year. Diaz was named by the FIVB as one of the ten best coaches of the 20th century.

Percentage of Wins
Portugal Total Matches Matches Won Matches Lost Wins %
124 76 48 61.29