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Match Descriptive

Greece beat Spain 3-0 (25-23, 25-20, 28-26) - duration 1:28
20-Jun, start time: 12:07, end time: 13:35 - Attendance: 2'300
City: Valencia; Hall : Fuente de San Luis
Greece subjugates Spain in a three straight sets victory
Spain took the lead in the start of the first set, basing the game in good reception and defense. However, locals blurred somehow throughout the period, and Greece started using the same weapons from fridays victory and subdued spaniards to end up winning the first set 23-25.

In second set, spanish stamina lasted only untill the second technical time out. The equaliser was broken by the attacks by Mario Gkiourdas and Andrej Ravarik and the efective greek blocking. Visiting team took a lead of 4-5 points that was kept untill the end of the period despite spanish attempts and head coach Francisco Hervas' subtitutions (20-25).

The third set was full of comings and goings. No team was able to keep a good level of playing for too long, and the alternatives characterized the period. In this situation, the team making less mistakes was the one to win the set, and this squad was Greece. Visiting team won 26-28 in a tight final of period, in the fourth consecutive victory by greeks.