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Match Descriptive

France beat Bulgaria 3-1 (24-26, 30-28, 25-20, 25-20) - duration 1:57
19-Jun, start time: 18:07, end time: 20:04 - Attendance: 3'632
City: Nancy; Hall : Jean Weille
Revenge has been taken !
A well-balanced first set where both teams scored in spiking but Granvorka's too strong service and a spike failed by Barca-Cysique gave advantage to Bulgaria before the first technical time-out.
But thanks to Barca-Cysique's physical performance at the net France did not let Bulgaria take the lead.At the end of the set French direct errors allowed the Bulgarian team to obtain a first set ball saved by a good defense by Antiga, though the second opportunity was successful for Bulgaria.
3 excellent services by Granvorka gave France the opportunity to take the lead and forced Bulgaria to ask for a time-out at the beginning of the second set. That time-out turned out effective since Granvorka lost his service and two errors by Antiga allowed Bulgaria to catch them up.
A good French net presence allowed them to catch up in their turn.The end of the set was similar to the first one, a very tight score, players successively losing set balls. Thanks to an amazing ace by Grankorva, France won the second set.Thanks to Barca-Cysique's outstanding performance at any level of the game, The French started the third set ahead. Regular blocks and a high-quality defence gave France to possibility to take the lead. At the end of the set, France made the difference thanks to a good defence and effective blocks. A yellow card given to Ivanov, (21-17) destabilized the Bulgarian team and allowed France to win one set point thanks to an amazing spike by Daquin.Bulgaria saved the first one but lost the next after a successful spike by Antiga.
The score at the beginning of the fourth set was very tight again but the blue team took some points ahead.Bulgarians had difficulties handling the French good services and blocking their spikes.Three direct errors by France allowed Bulgaria to catch up to 18-13, forcing P. Blain to ask for a time-out. At 23-19 Granvorka gave his team one chance to win the match after a superb spike and France finally ended the game winning after a service failed by Bulgaria.