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Match Descriptive

Serbia & Montenegro beat Cuba 3-0 (25-22, 26-24, 25-19) - duration 1:19
19-Jun, start time: 17:37, end time: 18:56 - Attendance: 5'350
City: Novi Sad; Hall : SPC Vojvodina
Main Goal of the SCG Team achieved - Victory again
Having started in a concentrated way, Team of SCG made quite a bit of wrong moves that led to Cuba leading, after which SCG Team succeeded in gathering their strength to even the result. Some very smart moves on both sides kept them even for some time, but strong services of the Cuban Team and their explosive spikes stopped the "Blue" Team from winning them over. Both technical TO were reached first by the Cubans, with minimal difference. In a few fortunate moves, the ball that was being tossed this way and that ended in the court of Cubans. Nervous to win, both Teams tried hard and played strong on each other. It seemed in a moment that the Cuban Team read through the tactics of the "Blue" Team, when the "Blue"s gave their touch to the set and finished it with 25:23.
Both Teams continued in the same nervous way, and Serbian Team put up with a block that defended them, but the strong spikes and their determinedness to win, made it hard for the host Team to find the right defense as they caught each ball. Again they played point for point, trying to outwit one another with better tactics, stronger balls. e block of Cuba 17, 12, 6, put up a fierce fight to defend their part and achieve points for their Team. After a TO Serbia and Montenegro came even 22:22, and with an even forces won the second set 26:24.
First the rally played out by young Maric and the other after the first technical TO, raised the cheering of the spectators, as well as the one that engaged the whole Team eager to win at all costw.
Although young, Cuban Team showed great determinedness to put up a good game, with strong services, strong spikes and good block catching whatever ball came their way.
However the substitutes at the end of the third set failed to help ad with a ball impossible to catch, the Serbian and Montenegrin Team won the match.