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Match Descriptive

Poland beat Japan 3-0 (25-13, 30-28, 25-21) - duration 1:21
19-Jun, start time: 13:07, end time: 14:28 - Attendance: 9'130
City: Katowice; Hall : Spodek
Poland overwhelmed Japan again in the hot Spodek sports hall
Polish eagles entered the court of the crowded again SPODEK sports hall with confidence and unquestionable will to strive for the fifth victory in the 2004 WL edition. The cheer of the 10.000 spectators added just additional wind under their wings and the young Japanese players, despite their commitment and determination in the second part, were did not manage to turn around the match. (3:0/ 25-13; 30-28; 25-21).

The first set of the Saturday match was a hardly bearable defeat for the Japanese after the match lost the day before. Having no confidence in themselves they were not able face the effective Polish serves, attacks and block. The 3 subsequent aces by S. Swiderski were the breaking point for this short set, where the first set-ball was played only after 15 minutes at the 24 -12 advantage to the Polish team.
The second part, however, gave already a completely different picture of the game with determined Japanese chasing with the Poles ball after ball and rally after rally to finally lead both teams to the dramatic final of the set won 30 to 28 by the white-and-reds.
Part 3 of the match was a real volleyball spectacle played by the two teams with Poles chasing this time their Asian opponents, who were outdoing themselves in spectacular digs after powerful attacks of the Poles. But neither the defense full of dedication nor effective offensive actions were enough to give the Japanese the chance to win the set and prolong the entire match.
The match in the noisy and happy SPODEK sports hall ended with the 3 - 0 victory of Poland.