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Match Descriptive

Serbia & Montenegro beat Cuba 3-1 (25-17, 25-22, 15-25, 25-15) - duration 1:39
18-Jun, start time: 17:37, end time: 19:16 - Attendance: 4'210
City: Beograd; Hall : Hall Pionir
Olympic Champions show their true face again
With the winning Team on the line-up, there was no chance for the Cuban Team but to try to put up a block, but it wasn't as easy with the whole "Blue Olympic Team".
Easily did they get to both Technical TO, and in spite of all substitutes in the Team, it was hardly possible to make more than
It was at the very end of the set, that the very strong service aces of Portuando, brought to the Cuban Team some points before the set ended with 25:17.
Second set started with well known long rallies of both Teams and attractive balls that seemed almost impossible to catch. Well concentrated to defend their part, they hardly let Cuban Team show what they could.
Many mistakes were made by the Cuban Team, not believing their tough luck. Portuando and Gil did their utmost to save some points, but Miljkovic and his unbeatable spike and one-man block, together with service mistakes of the Cuban Team took the "Blue Team" easily to the second TO. Many changes in the Team of Cuba revived the Team and they fought fiercely for each point. In spite of many substitutes, there was no way the Cuban Team could settle the set in their advantage.
The Cubans started concentrated in the third set. However much Serbian and Montenegrin Team was set to win, Portuondo with his strong services and made it hard to them to win the third set, as Travica changed the players.
Cuba started with strong block of Pimienta and Poey, and aces of Gonzales, and with a result of 5:0, Travica asked for the TO that helped so much that they started with an ace service, and continued to catch up to 7:7, and reach first the technical TO. Serve after serve, supported by frenzic fans, raly upon rally that followed the aces of Vujovic, Markovic and Miljkovic, they became so deconcentrated that they stayed at 23:13 and barely reached 15 point, before it was all over.
It was the volleyball that spectators very much enjoyed, with spirited game of both Teams wishing to win their way to the finals