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Match Descriptive

France beat Japan 3-0 (25-19, 25-19, 25-16) - duration 1:14
11-Jun, start time: 21:07, end time: 22:21 - Attendance: 2'340
City: Paris; Hall : Bercy
Just qualified for Olympics Games, French players won 3/0 against Japan.
French team start with Ludovic Castard. For his second selection, the French spiker played well right from the beginning with severals powerfull spikes.
Shy start for both team, and in a tied match, France managed to take the lead thanks to Japonese technical mistakes.
12/9 French setter Mathias Patin found Vincent Montmeat twice to confirm.
During the first set, Japonese setter can't find his spikers and France is ahead 23/16
Even with a Koshikawa strong serve, Japan had to slope in the first set 25/19.

In a disorganised second set, Antiga and Montmeat managed to block Japonese spikers. Then with a good block Japan lead 8/5 at the first technical time out.
Just after the break French captain Dominique Daquin with 2 blocks and good defense brings his team close to his opponents (10/10)
15/15 Frangolacci in and Castard unlucky in this second set is out. Clever choice of the French National coach, with this fresh player France is 3points ahead (22/19).
On the first set point, Mathias Patin serve an ace, end of the second set 25/19.

Japonese start the 3rd set more incisives but French players confirm their leadership with tactical serves from Antiga.
Many spikes from Nippon players are blocked or defended.
Japonese players stay 6 points behind 13/7. Philippe Blain change his players at 16/9: the setter Pierre Pujol and spiker Guillaume Samica are in .
France rolled over Japan 20/10 with a decisive Vincent Montmeat.
France won easily 25/16 the last set.