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Match Descriptive

Cuba beat Italy 3-2 (29-27, 23-25, 23-25, 25-19, 15-13) - duration 2:13
11-Jun, start time: 20:37, end time: 22:50 - Attendance: 8'800
City: Livorno; Hall : Palalivorno
Italy is not stronger than Cuba in the World League: looses 2-3 in Livorno
The fresh strongness of Cuba thrills PalaLivorno, with 9000 chearing people. And Italy
loose the match at the fifth set (2-3), first loss in the World League for Azzurri.
Montali has the same twelve as last week. Garcia answer with his best sixers. Some faults in serving for Italy makes the things tougher from the beginnig. Dominico is a guardian, but all Garcia's team is impressive when they serve: it's often impossible to see the ball coming. The set is real thrilling, until 25-25. Cuba looses three set balls, the jump serve of Portuendo hits the libero, Pippi (27-29).
The italian block is upset by the "fast", a typical scheme from the female volleyball. The experience of Azzurri makes them run fast (16-11). When Pimienta stops Giani it's 21-21. Then 25-23 for Italy.
Cisolla goes in and gives more strenght, while setter Gonzales keeps the ball flying. 20-22 is the heat: Cuba can't manage it's advantage, Italy pumps in and Sartoretti means overcome. Two points signed by the lefthand, and the set is closed (25-23).
The fourth set is still a battle. Tencati's out, with an ankle injure, Cozzi is back on the court. Portuondo and Bell spike all over the court, it's a show of brain and muscles. Double substitution for Italy, Tofoli and Savani in, but Cuba wins the set (19-25).
The last set is a jump serve show from Cuba, Pippi is a target: 0-4. Then Italy weaks up (5-6), goes 13-13, but can't block the winning will of L'Havana: 13-15.