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World League 2004 - Press Info

Press conference

Greece beat Spain 3-1 (24-26, 25-15, 25-17, 25-16) - duration 1:45
18-Jun, start time: 20:07, end time: 21:52 - Attendance: 2'200
City: Valencia; Hall : Fuente de San Luis
Greece captain Marios Gkiorudas express the hapinness of his team after beating Spain 1-3. "I think we played a very good game, and we are satisfied because we knew these two matches against Spain were going to be very difficult", said Gkiourdas.

Greek head coach, Stylianos Prosalikas was surprised for the way the match ended. "Spain can play much better than they did today, we are happy because we played at a good level and we hope we will get the same result on sunday", said Prosalikas.

As for spanish captain, Rafael Pascual, the deception was the main feeling. "We started the game quite well, but as the match was going by, we played worse and worse and Greece played better and better", said Pascual, "we have to correct our mistakes to win on sunday".

In the same way, spanish head coach, Francisco Hervas analyzed the match in a technical system. "They hurt us by attacks from the center of the net and our playing from the wings was affected, this is why we could not score and play as good as we thought", said Hervas, "we must improve for sunday".