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World League 2004 - Press Info

Press conference

Poland beat Japan 3-0 (29-27, 25-19, 25-20) - duration 1:21
18-Jun, start time: 18:57, end time: 20:18 - Attendance: 10'320
City: Katowice; Hall : Spodek
The captain of the Japanese team, Ayumu Shinoda, assessed positively only the first set of todays match where the game was really balanced and any result was still possible. However, he did admit that the loss of this set depressed his young peers and they were not able to mobilize all their powers to face the challenge of the subsequent attacks and this led the entire match in the direction disadvantageous for the team of Japan.

Tatsuya Ueta, the coach of the Japanese team emphasized the young age of his players, that have all the potential needed to be the aces of the future, while today they need more practice and experience. The todays match in Katowice and the ones with France the week before show that this is only a beginning of the long way they have to go.

Pawel Zagumny, the captain of the Polish team was extremely happy with the final result of the match, although he admitted that there were too many spoilt serves in the first set and this resulted in the nervous atmosphere on the court.

The Polish coach, Stanislaw Gosciniak was impressed with the determination of the Japanese team in the first set and numerous spectacular defense actions on their side. As far as his evaluation of the Polish team is concerned he confirmed the words of the Polish captain.