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World League 2004 - Press Info

Press conference

Bulgaria beat Poland 3-1 (25-22, 22-25, 25-22, 25-20) - duration 1:51
12-Jun, start time: 15:07, end time: 16:58 - Attendance: 8'010
City: Bydgoszcz; Hall : Luczniczka
Milorad Kijac, head coach of Bulgaria:

"We watched the Friday's game on video this morning and I'm pleased that my players followed my tactical instructions very well. We improved a lot in spiking since yesterday. This victory is an important one considering our chances in the World League competition".

Stanislaw Goscianiak, head coach of the Polish team:

"First of all let me congratulate the Bulgarian team. I believe my players performed below their usual level and I hope we will come back to our disposition next week playing against Japan".

Nikolay Ivanov, captain of the Bulgarian team:

"We played much better than in the first encounter. We stayed focused in the crucial moments; I agree with my coach that this is significant victory, making our chances for the Finals in Rome still alive".

Pawel Zagumny, captain of Poland:

"We performed poorly, especially in blocking and spiking. But this is our first defeat and I believe we are still among the favorites of Pool B competition".