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Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria assume early pool leadership in World Grand Prix

A view of the Coliseo Dibós, which hosted World Grand Prix Pool J

Lausanne, Switzerland, July 28, 2014 – Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria topped the standings in Groups 2 and 3 after the first weekend of play in the 2014 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix.

The four teams bested their opponents with a sweep of their individual pools, with the Netherlands and the Czech Republic emerging as the top teams in the group standings.

Key Points

·       All pool leaders on the first week are from Europe.

·       Belgian attacker Lise Van Hecke charted 24 points in her debut, 17 points more than any of her team-mates.

·       Peru recorded their second win out of 21 matches in the World Grand Prix in their 3-1 defeat of Canada.

·       Canada are still winless in the World Grand Prix.

·       The Netherlands are the only team who have finished the first week without dropping a set.

·       Puerto Rico recorded two consecutive World Grand Prix victories – one against Germany in the previous season and in the opening match against Argentina.

·       Argentina snapped a seven-match losing streak by defeating former champions Cuba 3-1.

·       Cuba are on their longest losing streak with 17 losses, including the last three matches this season.

·       The Czech Republic won all their matches on the opening weekend, they had never managed to win two times in a row before.

·       The Czech Republic and Croatia's first set went to 32-30, the most points in an opening set in World Grand Prix history; Croatia eventually lost the match – their first ever defeat against Czech Republic.

·       Kazakhstan won their first ever opening match in the World Grand Prix after losing their previous four opening matches.

·       Australia marked their debut with three straight-set defeats.

·       There were only two five-set matches in the weekend, Bulgaria played and won both these matches.

·       The Kenyan victory over Mexico marked the first ever African win in the World Grand Prix; they doubled it on the last day when they defeated neighbours Algeria.

·       Algeria won their first ever sets in the World Grand Prix against Bulgaria on opening day.

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