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USA players put trust in Kiraly's system to become a better team

USA coach Karch Kiraly starts his first big journey with his team at the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix

Sapporo, Japan, August 31, 2013 - USA may have lost its reign in the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix and have yet to earn its first win in the five-day final round competition, but their players have not yielded their trust that there is a bigger and better future ahead of them.

USA have won the last three editions of the World Grand Prix under coach Hugh McCutcheon, and ever since the appointment of current coach Karch Kiraly and with the addition of new faces in the team, the results have been likewise definitive of their fourth consecutive final round appearance in the World Grand Prix.

Although the results of the last four matches have not favoured the team, the players consider these defeats as part of the learning process of a rebuilding team.

“I think we are going to take a lot of learning at the finals," setter Alisha Glass said. "We are not happy with the outcome, although we are in matches with teams and we’re seeing really good volleyball”

“You want to look at it as a learning curve, you start off with a base and you start off with a system that you feel you can trust," Glass explained. "Although we have not had any success in the finals, we had a good run at this tournament to get us here. I think we have a skeleton of what we want, I think we believe it and we trust the system."

Coach Kiraly not only projects a strong image to his players but he probably serves as the greatest motivator in the team. 

“Karch has been really good (as a coach)," Nicole Fawcett said about their coach. "He makes sure that in difficult moments, that it is a learning experience, and that it is not something we can hold on to. It is something that we have got to embrace it happened - take the good things that we can take from it, learn from the bad and just move on to the next thing.”

“Karch is a great learner he was as a player," Glass pointed out. "He learned the game, he studied his opponents, he became a student of the game, and became this incredible player. I think that’s going to emanate within our team and we are going to be better – we are going to have hitters with a lot of range, we are going to have people who will dig balls defensively, we will have a blocking system that can control a lot of teams. While we have not mastered it yet, we can take from him and we can be great learners."

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